June 9


Know Thyself … and get rich and happy !

By IsayaBelle

June 9, 2017

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So here we are again … it’s Friday and I’ve not written my weekly blog post.

And I have no clue what the heck I’m going to write about.

I’ve listened and read so much advice about planning your blog posts, making sure your content is “relevant to your biz” and “targets” your “ideal client”, “blogging for your tribe”, and so on …

And I can’t seem to do do that for now.

For now… it ends up being Friday and my post is not written and my subject is not chosen and I’m feeling in a hurry and late and guilty that I’m not doing things properly business wise…

Wait … Do you remember last week’s post ? Do I remember last week’s post ? Let’s go and read it again HERE …

YES … I did write I was sick and tired of feeling guilty. And I did write that the guilt more or mess creates the sickness…

So … I will NOT feel guilty anymore.

So HOW do I do that ?

First … FORGIVE MYSELF … I have talked a lot about forgiveness and my journey through it on this blog… I now perceive that if I did do quite a lot of forgiving others for the pain inflicted upon me … the one person I “forget” to include in my forgiveness list, the one person I always expect to be perfect and do perfect and am disappointed when she’s not… is me. So I hereby FORGIVE MYSELF for everything I did wrong, for every pain I inflicted, for every mistake, for every imperfection I have, … I deeply and completely forgive myself… I’m ho’oponoponing myself (if you don’t know what I’m talking about, check HERE and HERE)

I’m sorry

Please forgive me

I forgive you

I love you

Thank you

And yes, I know it does sound slightly schizophrenic but… I’m way beyond feeling guilty for sounding crazy!

Second… Change what I focus on … Change the belief … I have been doing that for a while now (Law of attraction stuff, Manifesting theories and so forth …) But it wasn’t very clear how and why… Then I watched  this video today and it made soooo much sense !

It is very clear and understandable, isn’t it ?

So … on with that !! As from today, I am healthy and can manifest as much money as I can dream of! I joyfully expand in creativity, health, love, success and abundance EVERYDAY, as I inspire others to do the same! I am already loved for myself !

Third… at the same time, I realized I have another big job to do : Know my beliefs, understand them … because the weird thing with beliefs is that they “rule” my life… even if I don’t know what they are … How do I (or you, if you’re interested!) discover what my beliefs are …  About life ? About money (you should have understood by now, dear reader that it has recently become an authorized subject in my  life!) ?

Let me cut a long story short here… And introduce Denise Duffield-Thomas, my one and only money mentor … She is launching a new course that is going to change my life and yours if you feel like it! She agreed to guest blog right here tomorrow and tell you all about it ! In the meantime … How about a quiz ? try that and get to know yourself … and you can start improving !

So I’ll see you tomorrow, as , for once, I’ll be having 2 blog posts this week!

So you see, while writing, I found a subject !!! And maybe by next week I’ll have figured out a plan for blogging easily and in the flow, without rushing or feeling late… And maybe not … Assume nothing … But I DO forgive myself anyways!

Sending, as always, love, life and gratitude
















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