May 28


It can’t be that simple …

By IsayaBelle

May 28, 2021

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It can't be that simple

This is what I hear daily.
It can't be that simple.
And women shove my solutions (Soulutions ?) aside.
And ignore them.
Because it can't be that simple.

Annoying isn’t it ?
Because it actually is.
But do you actually do it ?

We would love (and I know, I've been there) for the solutions to be complex and only available to the selected ones, the ones connected with the Universe, the special ones ...
So not us.
That would explain why we’re not where we want to be, why we’re finding it so difficult and unattainable ...

Too bad. Tough luck. 
Let me put my furry bunny slippers and download some tough love and some reality check upon you.
Yes, it is that simple.
But …  (you saw it coming I'm sure !)

You have to do the simple things.
You have to implement.
Most of the time we don't.
We dismiss the simple answer, the simple solutions, the easy way.
And we don't do it.
Then we can complain nothing works, it's so hard and it can't be that simple.



I find myself slightly annoyed.
Because so many women I know, so many women who I could help and assist in creating their best life and business, just dismiss me because “it can't be that simple”.

Or they believe that they can do it on their own and don't understand why they would invest for it … Since it is that simple … 
And then don’t do it anyway...

So why would you invest for it? What is the return on investment when working with me through your blocks and challenges ?

First of all… I actually did do it.
I walked the rocky path barefoot, pushed the boulders aside by hand, climbed the bloody mountain, visited the dark labyrinth and stayed there long enough to face my shadows and heal them… 
I actually did do it.
And I've paved the way for you, I’ve illuminated the path so you can go faster.

But mostly, I am here to hold you accountable for doing it too ...
Because that's what a High Priestess does.
Connect Herself and other humans to the Divine.
Assist them in finding their own connection to the Divine.



And remember.
I am the TooMuch woman, I have way too many suggestions, qualifications and possible solutions !
I work with an array of beautiful multi-colored tools, from channeling to meditation, EFT, spiritual tools as well as practical ones, like art journaling or writing prompts, moon and menstrual cycles, connection to nature, sacred symbols and sheer magic !

So yes, it is that simple.
But if you don't know how to.
And if you don't actually implement ...
Nothing happens.
And you can keep up the good work of failing and affirming daily how difficult and complicated it is … And how your life is hard and sad ...

And remember…
I am the High Priestess.
I share insights and wisdom from the Goddesses and the Invisible World to you.
But you are the priestess of your own temple.
So my invitation is for you to step into radical responsibility towards yourself, into absolute self-love.
And to stop betraying yourself every chance you get.
To stop letting yourself down.



So whether we're talking about:
- Mastering technology for your online business,
- Connecting with the Divine and understanding your Goddess Archetypes,
- Cutting the toxic ties to your negative beliefs,
- Surrendering to your secret femininity, remembering and understanding your cyclic nature and the basic 4 feminine archetypes
- Succeeding in every possible way, from self-love, self confidence, planning, abundance, creativity, joy, relationships, intuition, and more generally winning at life,
- Walking the path of the Enlightened and creating magic around you,
- Living a Goddess Life on a daily basis,
- Embodying the Goddess and navigating in flow,
- Comprehending and harnessing the nature oft he Universe and your own,

If you know that you won’t get there on your own, or so much slower …

I've got you!
Let's do this !
If you feel that this is your path, that you need support to let go of your past, fully step into your present and create your golden future… I’ve got spots for 1:1 coaching starting soon!

Let's connect in a free Dare to Shine discovery call and see if we could work together! (this is NOT a sales call, and there are NO strings attached!) 

I mostly coach entrepreneurs who forgot they were women, and who need assistance in connecting with the Divine Feminine to support their life and business into abundance, empowerment and fulfillment!
I hold space for women who feel "too much" or "not enough" to transform their lives so they can dare to rise, take up their rightful place, shine their light, talk their truth and transform their lives in ease, joy and flow!

On the other hand, I’m not the coach for you …
- if you don’t believe in magic, Goddesses, Angels or the LOA (ie if you’re a muggle!)
- if you’re not ready to be challenged and thrown way too much information and ideas
- if you’d rather complain than face a leap
- if you’re so freakishly happy where you are
- if you’re ok with wasting time to save money
- if you let yourself down and intend to blame me for it
- if you’re afraid of witches and doubtful of fairies
- if everything in your life is somebody else’s fault
- if you'd rather believe it's complicated than try the simple solutions
- if you believe it has to be hard work and hustling

In any of those cases, I wish you success and happiness, abundance and fulfillment, but your path is not to walk with me. And I’m ok with that.



To finish this presentation of my world, let me just introduce my Goddess friends to you ever so briefly, so you know who you’re going to meet when we travel together ! I will write about them in detail soon …

These are the 8 Goddesses I work with daily, the ones from my personal Pantheon, the ones that contain and encompass all the facets of being a woman…The ones I discuss with daily to download messages and insights to flood our paths with light ... And you have been watching their "photos" and their little "character" all along this blog post ...

Hera stands for commitment, relationships and expressing your emotions
Athena stands for inner wisdom, organisation and planning
Artemis stands for sisterhood, re-wilding and unleashing your true nature
Hestia stands for mindfulness, self-confidence and connecting with the Divine
Demeter stands for creativity, potency and nurturing
Aphrodite stands for love, self-love and beauty
Persephone stands for intuition, playfulness, and decisions
Gaia stands for grounding, connecting with nature and abundance

I'll be happy to hear from you on these subjects. Thank you in advance for your comment.
So much for today ...
See you soon, for my next online adventures!
Until then I send you love, light and gratitude.

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