May 21


About commitments and promises

By IsayaBelle

May 21, 2021

betrayal, coaching, commitments, promises, self-love

No podcast episode today. Neither in French nor in English.
I'm actually bored with the podcast. 
It feels tedious and unrewarding.
It seems like I'm getting no reactions, nor an increase in listeners …
For now. 
So I'll stop.
For now.
Might come back to it later.

Just relax, Isaya. (yes, I am talking to myself, don’t you ?)
It's ok to take a break.
It's ok to not do what you said you would do.
Radical personal responsibility is different from “keeping my promises at all costs” even when they feel painful.
I've been taught, brainwashed as a matter of fact, to always keep my promises.
To be true to my word. To commit and keep that commitment.

But who am I being responsible, accountable and faithful to here?
The anonymous “public” I feel I've made this promise to? Aka you ?
Or myself ? who at this minute cannot be bothered with the podcast …
Who am I betraying? 
Who am I choosing to betray?

At this minute I choose my joy.
At this minute I choose my gut feeling
At this minute I choose me.

Radical personal responsibility comes with absolute loyalty to myself.
First and foremost.
That does not mean I can change my mind all the time and flicker in my decisions and energy.
But it does mean I have to trust myself when all parts of me scream STOP.
And not the people pleaser little girl in me, who wants everybody happy and strives to show she is “good”, doing “all the things” and trustworthy of her promises and commitment.
So I do.
I will not be publishing any new podcast episode until it feels right with my energy again…
And that might be next week. Or never.
I am radically responsible of my energy, of keeping it up and joyous.
Right now, all I want to do is write.
And record meditations.
So I'll do that!
And my invitation to you is similar…

Is there something in your life that you’re doing or being which is only in the here and now because of an old promise you made?
Does this feel stale and outdated and heavy?
How about releasing it?

If you feel this is the path, that you need help to let go of your past and fully step into your present, and into Radical Responsibility towards yourself, Absolute Self-Love and stop betraying yourself every chance you get… I’ve got several spots for 1:1 coaching starting in June !
Let's connect in a free Dare to Shine discovery call and see if we could work together! (this is NOT a sales call, and there are NO strings attached!)
I'll be happy to hear from you on these subjects. Thank you in advance for your comment.
So much for today ...
See you soon, for my next online adventures!
Until then I send you love, light and gratitude.

PS: In case you were wondering.. Of course “there is a goddess for that” and it is Hestia, Goddess of the Sacred Fire! I’ve included her little character in the picture above!
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