January 1


Find out who you are … And do it intentionally !

By IsayaBelle

January 1, 2018

New Year, self-love

New Year … New Challenges … New Projects…
New motto…
I suggest you choose this one, which is by Dolly Parton (Platinum blond develops intelligence, I’ve always said!)

The coming 2019 will be a year of movement and change …

Are you ready? Will you be there? Are you willing to take charge of your destiny? Literally?

Now is the time.

In this year when the planet is in year 3 in numerology, where the movement towards the new paradigm is accelerating, are you ready?

This is a perfect time in your life to hand stuff back to others.

Amanda Foy

It is now a matter of stopping to get lost in other people’s needs, convictions, desires and certainties … and returning to you.

There’s no time to doubt.

We have to start being us NOW.



Without delay. Without fear. Without hesitation.

Take the time and energy to discover this self, to get to know it and to love it … finally.Because self-love is not a fashionable gadget. It is the way to everything, and to exponentially extend your influence on your world and on the people in it.

That’s the way. The only way. For you. For me.

This year… it is also a matter of daring to grow and take off…

And to undertake the expression of this self. Intentionally.

To let your beautiful self show, live, and express itstself !I’m not here to convince you to become an exhibitionist… (lol!)But to offer the world what and who you are.

Because the world needs it.

You are the only version of yourself in the world. Your light is unique.

You never know who you’re gonna touch, who you can illuminate with your wavering, fragile flame…

Dare to feed your fire and show you who you are.

Dare to love yourself, become YOU fully and make this wonderful person known.

You can start by posting a seflie under this post… To show the world your beautiful face! Come on, I’ll start!

In the name of everyone you will touch and transform… I thank you and send you gratitude and congratulations.

Beautiful and happy 2019.

While waiting for the pleasure of seeing you again I send you, as always love, light and gratitude.


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