June 16


Embracing the Sacred Gift: The Profound Impact of Listening to Women’s Stories

By IsayaBelle

June 16, 2023

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Women stories.
Silenced for too long.
These stories change the balance of society.

Just in the last two decades, women have demanded accountability for the male behavior and aggression toward women. If we stayed quiet, these things would never stop happening.
If you're anywhere near my age, then you grew up with women as a punchline. And that's not happening anymore. Thank you, technology. And thank you to all the women who have spoken up and who have shared their stories. And we are continuing that. And all subjects matter, all topics.
Also… curiosity and feeling less alone… We want to know what other people have done. We want to know how did you figure it out? We need help and community. That's why we Google shit. This is just a divine, feminine focus on sharing how we each figured out our shit. We want to know because it's empowering. When we share our challenges and successes and we help other women see their options more clearly and we're passing on information and we're widening perspective.
It's empowering to know how others function, how they overcame their hardships and it's enlightening. Hey, see what I did there?

And women do not overcome difficulties like men do, women’s stories are not like men’s stories. Most women’s stories are not unidirectional, going from "I was no one" to " I became a millionaire", in a rags to riches and very masculine way, from naught to orgasm, if you want.
Women stories are cyclical (surprise!) and unfold in the darkness of their wombs, under the patronage of their Crones...
When women share their stories, when they cooperate, they teach by example. So if I feel that something was important in my life, I want to tell you about it.

When women conquer and face the Witch Wound and dare to be visible in their magic, in their spirituality, in their pains, or in their joys, when they dare to become visible, really visible, that's when the world changes. And not only visible as what is commonly acceptable for a woman to be. I'm talking about women being themselves and visible. That's when the world changes.
We need the stories. We need more feminine stories. We need to have a library of stories for women to reference by, a library of stories to access for our daughters, for ourselves, and even for our mothers to see that women lead fascinating lives, painful lives, joyful lives, amazing lives.

Stories that we listen to.
The ones that become myths, hymns and lessons.
These stories change the world.

When we listen to stories being told…They call us to slow down, to sit in contemplation, and to listen deeply. In their embrace, we find refuge from the noise and chaos, discovering a sanctuary where our hearts and minds can be nourished.
The importance of listening to life stories being told is akin to receiving a sacred gift—a gift that has the power to transform, heal, and awaken the depths of our being. In the gentle act of listening, we honor the sacred essence of another, recognizing their inherent worth and the wisdom that flows through their unique experiences.

When we listen to life stories, we create a sacred space of presence and deep empathy. We become witnesses to the triumphs and trials, the joys and sorrows, that have shaped the storyteller's journey. In this space of deep listening, we offer a sanctuary of acceptance, where their truth can unfurl its wings and take flight. Through our attentive presence, we invite the storyteller to embrace vulnerability, knowing that their voice is heard and their story matters.

Listening to life stories is a sacred act of connection. As we open our hearts and ears, we bridge the gaps of separation and cultivate a sense of unity. We recognize the shared threads that weave through the tapestry of human existence, realizing that our own experiences are interwoven with the experiences of others. In this recognition, we cultivate empathy, compassion, and a deeper understanding of the human condition.

Through the act of listening, we become vessels of transformation. We allow the storyteller's words to ripple through the waters of our consciousness, touching the deepest chambers of our souls. In their stories, we find mirrors that reflect our own joys, sorrows, and aspirations. We gain new perspectives, expanding the horizons of our understanding, and opening our hearts to new possibilities.

Listening to women’s life stories is a spiritual pilgrimage. In the sacred exchange of storyteller and listener, we invite divine wisdom to dance between us. We embrace the interconnectedness of all souls, recognizing that each story is a unique expression of the divine unfolding. Through the stories of others, we encounter the sacred and find deeper meaning in our own lives.

Furthermore, listening to life stories is an act of honoring the sacredness of every voice. It is a recognition that each person's story holds value, irrespective of their background, beliefs, or experiences. In the act of listening, we affirm the inherent worth and dignity of each individual, fostering a culture of inclusivity, respect, and appreciation for diverse narratives.

From a spiritual perspective, listening to life stories is an offering to the divine. It is an act of reverence and deep listening, allowing the universal wisdom to flow through us. As we attune our ears to the stories of others, we align ourselves with the divine harmony, becoming vessels for compassion, healing, and transformation.

So, dear soul, embrace the importance of listening to life stories being told. Open your heart, still your mind, and create the sacred space where stories can unfold. By listening deeply, you honor the storyteller's truth, celebrate the beauty of their existence, and participate in the collective awakening of our shared humanity. Through the exchange of stories, we find connection, inspiration, and the profound realization that, ultimately, we are all part of a magnificent tapestry of life.

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