June 17


What the heck do you mean by “we are all creative” Demeter?

By IsayaBelle

June 17, 2019

So I started thinking about creativity the other day … And obviously I turned to my favorite experts when I have questions or I’m in need of ideas or solutions … Goddesses …

So I entered silence and started meditating with Demeter around the creativity theme … Demeter was speaking softly, saying “we are all creative” … and I wasn’t getting it …

Then it downed on me … Being creative has nothing to do with painting or drawing …. or everything to do with it … Let me explain myself …

Of course creativity has everything to do with Demeter, Greek Goddess of motherhood, fertility, agriculture, harvest, growth, and nourishment …

What comes to mind first when one talks about creativity, is often something around “art”…

As in “artists are creative” … “Oh I’m not an artist, I’m not creative” …

Then one can widen her field of vision and … read some definitions about creativity …

“Creativity is a phenomenon whereby something new and somehow valuable is formed. The created item may be intangible (such as an idea, a scientific theory, a musical composition, or a joke) or a physical object (such as an invention, a literary work, or a painting).”

Now that is interesting … somehow valuable … for who ? And what does valuable mean by the way ? still kind of restrictive but wider angle already … So the created item may be intangible … Food for thought … I might come back to this idea later …

And this one …

Creativity is the act of turning new and imaginative ideas into reality. Creativity is characterized by the ability to perceive the world in new ways, to find hidden patterns, to make connections between seemingly unrelated phenomena, and to generate solutions.”

Wow … So it actually is about literally “creating” stuff … as in “manifesting my imagination into reality” …

Now that is very different from the limited definition of creativity being the privilege of artists, isn’t it ?

As a woman who’s had children … I then, by definition, am creative. I have literally created 2 human beings … And as a matter of fact, even if I hadn’t become a mother, I should be considered as creative since I was born with half the equipment to manifest one or more human beings …

Wait a minute … What about men ? They carry the other half of that equipment, thus they are creative too, aren’t they ?

Demeter help me here and shout with me…




WE ARE ALL CREATIVE (just like Demeter was saying …)

Ahhhh … breathing easier now … So we just have to open our eyes to our own version of creativity, to our own peculiar way of manifesting into the world … And maybe you can find some ideas for ways of expressing your creativity in your own individual way in the workshop I’ll be offering very soon … The info will be at the bottom of this post !

But bear with me for a minute here … There is more …

“Imagination is a glimpse into the quantum field of possibilities all co-existing alongside you”

Joanna Hunter

Ahhhh …. Then imagining something and making it happen is actually creating an alternate reality in which I live as soon as I start creating it !

So I AM THE CREATOR OF MY LIFE !! Day in, day out !

And you too !! Isn’t that amazing ? We are literally dreaming, imagining and manifesting our world and lives everyday … WOW !

From imagination, to creation/manifestation in an instant … It does feel powerful, doesn’t it ?

But wait … there’s more … And it gets even better !

“The best use of imagination is creativity. The worst use of imagination is anxiety.”

Deepak Chopra

OK … Now we have it. Even creating worry is creating !!!

So if we do spend most of our lives actually creating it, why not choose to create a happy, easy, joyful and flowing reality ?

Of course if we come back to the beginning of this post … We must take into account that there is ebb after the flow, that no one can be actually creating new stuff day in day out … we need rest … And again Demeter to the rescue … If you’ve read the story of Demeter and Persephone (which you can find HERE), you might remember that when Persephone, Demeter’s daughter, has to leave for the Underground for 6 months (every year in autumn), Demeter felt and feels so sad and dark that she stops performing her duties as Goddess of agriculture and harvest and then … all nature dies and winter comes … Major ebb if there is one …

So like Demeter, we will need ebb … But that is only to flow better … And we create even in ebb … And then some more, and more and more, with more and more fluidity and joy, more and more ease and happiness …

Every minute of our lives, we create … our lives …

So yes, like Demeter was saying we are “all creative” as in “all powerful” … creative all the time … Awesome, isn’t it ?

I’ll let you ponder that … Tell me what you think in the comments !

And I’ll see you lovely people.

In the meantime, I’m sending, as always, love, light and gratitude.

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