November 25


Understanding Toxic Ties

By IsayaBelle

November 25, 2022

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A few weeks back, I stumbled upon some old crap that was still taking way to much space and energy in my body, in my heart, in my soul. I came to understand that it was time to declutter both in my house and in myself (you might have read my previous posts about that, otherwise, find them here). And I did. While the process was unfolding (not that it’s over, mind you!) I also found (oh, yes, thank you Universe for the synchronicities!) an old program that I’d created for my peeps when I was still coaching in French.
It was all about cutting energetic toxic ties.
It made so much sense to translate that program, use it myself and then share it with the world. This article is an introduction to that sometimes difficult subject of understanding toxic ties, uncovering them in our lives and sever them...

1. What are toxic ties and how they affect you?

Throughout our lives we meet people who weaken us, live through relationships that disturb us, or manage difficult situations. All of this can leave a bitter taste in us that stings like a poison. Despite all our efforts to forget, forgive and move on, it often seems difficult to get rid of it. However, there are simple and effective methods to cut these toxic ties.

We are all spiritual beings. Every second (even at night), we share our energy with the world around us, whether it be with humans, animals, or the nature all around us. It can happen that energetic links remain connected to certain people and prevent us from evolving freely. Generally speaking, these connections appear naturally and are beneficial to us: with our friends, our family and our children for example. They are in this case vectors of sharing, respect, trust and love.

2. Understand how toxic ties are created between you and others

However, because we are constantly moving and evolving, and because of certain toxic people, it can happen that these links do not benefit us and constitute a burden. It becomes important to cut them in order to move forward freely, for both parties involved.
An energetic link is created through thoughts and emotions. The physical closeness of the relationship is not important, as energy is not limited by time or space. But if the relationship evolves to a greater physical closeness, the bond will be strengthened.
Freeing ourselves from this bond allows us to move forward serenely on our life path, to make room for unconditional love and to get rid of all the toxic cords (anger, fear, anxiety, jealousy, etc.) that connect us to someone (living or dead) or to a situation.

3. A quote by Doreen Virtue

"Whenever someone makes connections with you that are based on fear (including fear that you will leave them or the belief that you are their only source of energy or happiness), a string is woven between the two of you. Anyone who is clairvoyant can see it. The cords are like surgical tubes and work like pipes for gasoline.
When a person who needs attention attaches to you, they are sucking your energy through this etheric cord.
You may not be aware of it, but you feel the effects: you feel tired or sad without knowing why. Well, that's because the person on the other end of the cord has been sucking your energy or sending toxic energy through the cord.
So whenever you are helping someone and opening up your empathy or if you’re feeling lethargic, sad or tired, it is a good idea to "cut the cord." By cutting the cord, you are not rejecting or abandoning the person; nor are you divorcing them. You are simply severing the non-functioning, fearful, dependent part of the relationship. The loving part remains attached to the relationship."

4. Specifics of toxicity

I want to make it clear that when I am talking about toxic people, I mean toxic for you, not toxic per se. I really believe there are very few earnestly toxic people. There are however a lot that might be triggering or harmful to you in particular.
I also want to reiterate that cutting toxic ties this is not about cutting off contact or relationships with people, but about severing toxic ties, cutting off attachments that hinder our development and happiness, cutting off the ties of attachment, conscious or not, that connect you in a toxic way, while keeping the ties of love. You can safely cut toxic ties with the people you love. The love will only be strengthened.

There are many techniques to sever those harmful cords, that we can use with people who leave us feeling "stuck" energetically in one way or another. You know that feeling that you can't get that person out of your head, and they keep coming back to you like you're attached to them with a giant rubber band. I'm talking about the ties that are holding you back. The ones where you feel that your energy is not going in the right direction and that what is binding you to that person is not very healthy.

5. Using Cutting protocols

The first step is to come to terms with a rather unsettling idea. If you feel tied by these ties, it means that at some point in our life, you desired them, you "asked for them". Of course , now you’ve changed your mind and that is why you want to cut them.
You also have to realize exactly what they are, who they connect you with and why they came to be; You need to "feel" them" in order to really choose to let them go. And that part might be slightly uncomfortable.

I created a course with 7 protocols that work! So you can learn and practice 7 different protocols to cut them and return to the wholeness of you.
The reason why I’ve included 7 is that each one is a little different from the others and that everyone will be more or less attracted by one or the other of these techniques... It's up to you to choose the one that calls to you... or to try several of them! You can choose to work with one or more of these techniques, regarding one same issue, or several. I invite you to trust your intuition when choosing the method.

It is not uncommon to feel the benefits immediately or to notice changes in the days that follow, such as the resolution of a problem, a feeling of peace, unexpected news from a person… However, sometimes it is necessary to be patient and persistent in the practice before obtaining the expected results. This depends on the intensity of the link that connects you to the problematic situation and on your ability to let go.
Once you have done these exercises, it is necessary to let things happen by putting your worries or the relationship in question in the hands of the Universe.

The course is called :The scissors of Atropos, Cutting toxic ties, 7 protocols that work!
You will find the detailed protocols in my course here :

Bonus : A small extract from the course… for your eyes only!

Protocol Number 3: The glass of water
Simply write the name of the person or situation that poses a problem and put a glass of water on it, asking that the water purify the problem.
Leave it on for 12 hours, throw the water away and repeat if necessary.
This may seem simple, even simplistic ... but I suggest you try it ... and believe it!
If you have any doubts about the power of water, you can look online for information about Dr. Emoto's experiments ... amazing !
Voilà. I hope you will find the Scissors of Atropos useful and that this course will give you some ideas for cutting the toxic ties that are holding you back in your life.
Of course there are many other techniques and protocols... I'm just introducing you to my favorites!
If you feel that these protocols are not enough and that you are having difficulties moving forward, don't hesitate to contact me for a personalized session to see more clearly and to free yourself from the past.

I would be so happy to hear from you about all that. Thank you in advance for your comment.
So much for today ...
See you soon, for my next online adventures!
Until then I send you love, light and gratitude.

PS: Here's the link ot the course again... just in case!

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