January 19


Tithing …

By IsayaBelle

January 19, 2017

So it’s minus five degrees this morning outside and I am so impressed by the beauty of the countryside around my house. I drove my son to school and I was so amazed by the beauty of nature…it hasn’t rained at all for at least a month and so there is no  water whatsoever …Basically the countryside just froze … It seems like life has just frozen and it’s giving me time to process the revelations these last few weeks … I realised that I live in a place where there are a lot of trees, we chose that when we bought the house, so there are also a lot of birds …

A lot of starving birds as a matter of facts … So I bought bird food and every morning, when I come back from school I spread some on my front terrace … along with a bowl of water (last night’s is now completely frozen)… And I feel like I give some love to this beautiful place I am so lucky to live in … Small actions that make me feel joyful and grateful … Have a beautiful day !


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