September 2


Timing, choices and stillness …

By IsayaBelle

September 2, 2017

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So … I’m going to the USA in October.

I’m over-excited with happiness as I am creating this dream trip and manifesting so many glorious happy things about it.

I might have told you about wanting to live ON a beach … Well, I have rented (for a very reasonable amount) a BEACH HOUSE fr one week of our trip  … So, yes anchoring dreams into my reality and spending what I envision as a magnificent week in …. Sandwich, Massachusetts ! And my kids are sooo happy about the name of the town!

Here’s the house that has been on my digital dream board for over 6 months …

And here is the one I have rented …

Similar aren’t they ? Just in case you were not fully convinced of the power of a dream board or vision board !!!

And we are not only going there … we are also spending 5 days road tripping around New England to ravish in the foliage season AND spending 10 days in freaking New York …


It’s a dream trip.

It makes me feel so abundant and lucky and happy.

A year ago, I was firmly convinced I could not afford it and I never would. So I didn’t even dream it.

But you see, as I was saying in the post about me becoming a non-smoker, I learned that my mind and my beliefs and my thoughts had power.

So I changed them.

I allowed my dreams to become bigger.

And then bigger.

And then some.

And I asked the Universe, the Angels, God, the Goddesses, Source (choose your name !!) to help me make them come true. And I received help.

Because it IS as simple as that. Ask … and it is given.

I know… It sounds too simple…

But here we are. One of my dreams is coming true. In 6 weeks. I’m so grateful.

Thank you. To the Universe. To me. To everyone and everything involved as a matter of fact.

So I planned everything and made the reservations and the boys are so excited. Considering their age, it might well be our last family trip together … So soon will they be leaving home and flying high and far on their beautiful wings… The mother in me feels so emotional juts writing that …

And I know that for my husband it is also so important … We spent our honeymoon in New York almost 30 years ago… Plus he’s been suffering from a painful illness for over a a year an this trip is a good motivation to start healing himself at a deep level.

This trip then is much more than a dream trip. It’s also a very symbolic trip. The Universe and me, we love symbols !

Oh … But then I got an email from my beloved Money Mindset Mentor Denise DT… an email that starts like this : “Hi Isaya, I’m coming to the USA in October to host Money Mindset events in four cities across the country….”

And here’s what happened in my mind: “OMG OMG … YES !!! She is going to be in New York when I am in Sandwich … So I could go … Just a 4 hour trip … I’ve not met Denise IRL yet …This is such and opportunity, the universe wants me to go, bla, bla, bla…”

Very loud.

Very excited.

But this morning, I was listening to a meditation from the Angel Power Program by Corin Grillo (check her out too, she is awesome!!!!) about … stillness … about listening to the inside, to the little voice, the not so loud voice, the not so excited voice … the intuition voice, which, for me, is called Gaïa (I might develop on that later on!) …

So I did. I sat still for a while … And I listened. And the little voice was saying …

“No… I don’t want to go. This is not the right time. This trip is not for me to scatter and disperse my energy … This is my dream/family/symbolic/quiet/memory making/togetherness trip … not an individual trip for ME to meet Denise. I can’t be energetically at both places in such a short time… Or else I won’t be fully present in either place… And I will not be living either moment fully …”

And the voice added, speaking even more quietly … “Besides I want to go to Australia for 3 months, visit around, and meet Denise in a VIP experience where I really get to hug her … And while I’m at it, I would love to hug Leonie Dawson too … You said I could dream big, didn’t you ?”

Yes,  I answered out loud.

So … I’m not going.

But OMG, if it’s your call and your time and your little voice says so YOU SHOULD GO SEE DENISE !!! She’s going to speak in 4 cites, Los Angeles, New York, Dallas and Miami … Follow this affiliate link to learn more about it:



What did I want to write about ? I wanted you to listen … not to me …

To your little voice…

To the less noisy/excited/loud/obvious voice …

To the timing that is everything. Because there is only now. And now is already gone. And we need to be where we feel is right. Because it will be right. Wherever … What counts is that I (and you, and all of us) am fully present to the now I chose to live, that I embrace it fully and completely.

And it then becomes eternity.

Sending, as always, love, light and gratitude,




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