February 19


Red Tent … a space for women … Inspired by Goddess …

By IsayaBelle

February 19, 2019

So it’s the Full Moon again … And like every Full Moon for many years now, I’m going to be in the Red Tent …

Wait … Where ?

In the Red Tent. The one in my house or backyard, or one of the thousands now scattered around the globe. Some are open for the Full Moon, some are open for the New Moon, some all year long …

And what the h* is a Red Tent ?

A Red Tent is a safe place for women to be.

No more.

No less.

If you really want to know how it came to be invented, you can listen to my masterclass on the subject ( Friday, February 22nd, 2019, claim you seat here …  https://buff.ly/2RCXpuT)

But today I just wanted to speak a little more about the concept itself, the what … not the how … And of course, special disclaimer, that is only my take on the matter … There might be different ways to consider what a Red Tent is and what purpose it serves …

The Red Tent is a space … It means that there is a specific place dedicated to that “activity”, a space created, lovingly organized to be safe, comfortable, beautiful, cozy, decorated, nicely heated and fournished with food, drinks, maybe books and music, little presents maybe and … mostly … love and attention, respect and care …

The Red Tent is a safe space …. Now that means that women who come to the Red Tent can seek refuge and safety from pretty much anything … from real life dangers and sufferings to plain boredom or cold outside the Tent … Safe means that women will not be pressured to anything, neither to speak, nor do anything specific, that no one will try explaining anyhthing to them either … Safe means that women can just come in. And stay. Safely.

So yes that means the Red Tent facilitator might end up assisting women finding solutions to severe real life problems, like shelter or food … Or help women finding solutions to psychological difficulties, to health issues… you name it …

Or it might mean no such thing … As a Red Tent facilitator, I might just spend a lovely time with some happy women who needed a break from the men in their lives or just a break from their lives (lol !)

But I never know. And that is the joy and challenge of holding safe space for a Red Tent… Because I will have to show up. Everytime. For the women. For me …

Because safety for many women is not guaranteed. And that alone is sufficient motivation for me to facilitate a Red Tent.

The Red Tent is a space for women … It’s a place for women only. That is sooo important… For women to be in a space without men. Because men are everywhere … and patriarchy is everywhere too … To be able to just spend time with women only and experience the energetic difference, the contrast between the dominant patriarchal energy and the feminine imprint … It is crucial for women to find their way back to that sacred feminine energy … The feminine has been lost, merged with masculine forces, denied, ridiculed or just plain destroyed for so many centuries that we don’t even remember …

On that subject, there is a great interview of Miranda Gray…
She kinda sums it up so nicely … I don’t feel like paraphrasing…

The influence of society, however, has been masculine-dominant for thousands of years, and its approach has impacted on women lives and the way that they perceive their femininity. It has either denigrated the cyclic nature of women, or it has ignored it, or it has tried to repress it. Women feel and notice the changes in themselves, but if there is no positive validating societal explanation for what they are experiencing then the interpretation of their experiences is that something is wrong, and it needs to be fixed. However, the cause of the problem is society’s perception – and there is nothing wrong with the woman to fix.
So to answer your question! I would say that masculine-thinking dominated society has had a huge impact on our lifestyle and choices, and that it is time for women to recognise that this influence ignores or resists the amazing skills and abilities they have as cyclic beings, and that when they understand and accept their cyclic nature and express it into the world then they not only feel true to who they are but also offer the world the best of who they are. The situation is not exclusive – women’s cyclic nature has a role to play in the conscious development of society and culture.

Miranda Gray

… Find the whole interview here

This is the story of how we begin to remember … and it starts in the Red Tent.

Of course not only do we need the return of balance and equality as human beings… But so do the planet and all living things on it …

A Red Tent is a safe place for women to be.To be. Just be. No plans, no demands, no exercises, no structure, no obligations, not even a fun project, no responsabilties.

To be. Just be.

When was the last time YOU took time for that. Just be. In the Red Tent, that is the only mandatory thing.


We usually DO quite enough … But just be ? When did you last do that ?

A woman needs time.
Time to rest.
Time to play.
A woman needs time.
Time to honor her ways.
As a woman.

Mother Turtle, Red Tent Temple song

So yes in the Red Tent, sometimes we play, sometimes we just rest .. we color mandalas, we knit, chat, cry, dance, sleep, meditate, rub each other’s feet or hands or backs or bellys, we laugh, sing, tell our stories, draw oracle cards, we eat, drink, we create vision boards, listen to music, listen to silence, exhange recipies, celebrate each others successes, accompany each others failures and losses, we embroider, quilt, paint, write, journal, take naps, breast feed, suffer, rejoice…

We just are. Exactly the way we are at that precise time.

And I for one need it desperately.

What about you ?

If you do, find a Red Tent near you

Or create one and facilitate it… You can listen to my masterclass on the subject for free if you join my email list. Follow this link : http://bit.ly/2C2H7qd

Women need you. Now. The planet needs you too.

If not now, when ? If not you, who ?

And I’ll see you lovely people.

In the meantime, I’m sending, as always, love, light and gratitude.

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