January 21


I did not leave the room … I was on a Miracle holiday with Aphrodite !

By IsayaBelle

January 21, 2019

So I haven’t published here for a while …

I left the room for a moon cycle …  Or at least it may seem that way. As a matter of fact … After a time of miracles that I created for myself, I was away planning with Athena … The archetype has been so useful in this last period … More about that soon…

I feel like I have “made happened” so many new things in my life … Yes I don’t feel like they have happened to me. I made them happen. I created the experiences for myself… and others !

Really feel like I’m a creator now… of reality.

First I went on family holiday trip for which I at first felt I hadn’t many options … Almost fell into the “I have no choice, poor little me” trap …But then … We had to rent a car… And the car we got (free upgrade by the way) … was brand new (3 km on the meter !!), very posh, a nice teal shiny color and automatic… Plus it had all the amenities (bluetooth and all!) … I loved it ! I loved driving it and so I decided since it wasn’t used everyday by the family … to organize myself a few little adventures…

So I contacted and met with a lovely lady who I’d only met through the internet… We had a very good time and I am amazed at her journey in life and business … A relationship to me feels so more “real” when you can hug the person from time to time …

When I left her I, I went to visit a sacred cave dedicated to Sainte Colombe, a Saint who was all about peace on Earth. And I recited her prayer, dug my fingers n her holy water and lit a candle … Felt connected, inspired and renewed ! Gratitude to the lovely Elena for suggesting that visit !

Another beautiful thing around that day was that it was very cold and early … So there was frost all over and it was soooo beautiful … I was driving and did not have my camera with me but … it looked like this … I enjoyed it so much I had to recreate the experience so I woke up at 6 am on New Year’s Day and drove up the mountain, then had a walk while the sun was rising. The beauty was incredible, I had an amazing experience alone up there in the cold rising sun, frost all over. I had tried to convince my family to come with me, but they had all denied on the argument that sleep was more important. At first I was disappointed but I was rather happy to be alone after all … the silence made it even more beautiful. Their refusal also made me wonder … When do I choose sleep over amazing experience ? And I don’t only mean actual sleep … Does that ring a bell for you too ? How and when do I deprive myself of living something extraordinary because I don’t want to give up anything, even for a little while ? We have to let go of something to change… Otherwise nothing happens…

And then another thought emerged … Because you see I had my camera that day and took a gazillion pictures … But … for some reason … I have lost them all. So I can’t show them, or even watch them again… I cannot relive that moment. 

Ha ! If I ever had a doubt about that … Here was the Universe giving me the biggest hint … Now is now. Then it’s gone. If we do not fully experience the present …  There is no coming back … And I can tell you with absolute sincerity that this 1st of January 2019 from 7 am to 9 am … I was soooo present that I don’t need photos to remember the experience, it is ingrained in my body, my mind’s eye and my soul for the rest of my life. Now for you … Sorry I don’t have pictures! But you know … Maybe you should make your own … in your present … in your mind’s eye.

A few days later I went to visit a friend who I hadn’t seen for 35 years (OMG I’m getting old!) and had THE best day ever (including a paid for visit to the most amazing spa I’ve ever been to … Reinfelden baths, you rock!) and a reconnexion with a lovely lady who I felt I’d never left ! Felt so blessed and grateful … also with myself for making it happen!

Plus I played games with ll the children, gave and received presents, ate god food, did not put  any weight on, worked … a little … and came back refreshed, rested and happy … So much for a “compulsory” holiday ! I truly feel I made much more than lemonade ! On the whole, a very lovely time … with a lot of self love and self care !

More very soon about my planning retreat with Athena …

And I’ll see you lovely people.

In the meantime, I’m sending, as always, love, light and gratitude


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