October 21


Anticlimax … doesn’t mean try again!

By IsayaBelle

October 21, 2022

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So for years I’ve wanted to experience a flotation tank.
Ever since I was a teenager and I read about Michael Jackson doing it … I’ve dreamt about it.
But, you know, it wasn’t for me.
It was for rich people.
It was for Americans.
It was for everybody… but me.
So I forgot about it.
Decades later I investigated it again.
And found that I could do that 2 hours from home, in a nice spa in Toulouse, for not that much money.
So I booked an appointment, very excited.
And 2 days before the appointment, my husband collapsed and had to be put in a coma for his survival.
I cancelled the appointment.
And forgot about that for another 5 years.
It’s karma, I thought. The Universe doesn’t want me to experience that.
Fast forward to this summer where I discovered a new spa, just across from the clinic I have to visit every 6 months for some post-surgical aftercare .
And I promised myself.
I’m going. I’m going. I’m going.
I deserve it, I can afford it, I’m worthy, I soooo desire it.
I was soooo excited.
Last Thursday, I went.

How was it?

It was ok.
Talk about anticlimax.
It was an enjoyable experience.
Not more. Not less.
The water wasn’t really hot enough for my taste, there was a tiny ray of light in a supposedly totally dark space which did throw me off…
As for the relaxing effect, it so happens that after years of meditating, self hypnosis, Qi Gong and other “relaxing” practices it’s a state that I can attain quite easily and actually do more than a few times a week (a day?)...
It was nice.
It was nowhere near the life changing experience I’d been dreaming about for decades.

Now, why am I telling you this today?
A few life lessons emerged there and I wanted to share.
1.Do not wait too long (forever?!?) to pursue your dreams… You might have changed in the meantime and the dream might feel “stale”. Indulge in your dreams, make them come true daily, weekly, monthly… Don’t wait until you feel like you’re worthy of them, or until it’s a Blue Moon or until someone else gives you permission. What to go bungee jumping? Fancy learning to sing? Dream of climbing Mount Kilimanjaro? Would love to organise a solo exhibition of your work? Just do it! Today is the perfect day! ON my daily gratitude list, I write this sentence: All my dreams come true. It’s NOT an affirmation. It’s a gratitude. I KNOW all my dreams are in the process of coming true and I feel so grateful for that, so lucky too… But hey, I'm making that happen. Daily. With or without money, time or “connections”, with or without trust that they will be “successful”. I make my dreams come true. Daily.

2. Write your dreams. Dedicate a notebook for your dreams, your hopes, the things you’d love to buy or do, the places you’d love to visit, the people you’d love to meet, the books you’d love to read, the food you’d love to try, and so on…

Once you’ve chosen a beautiful container for your dreams (mine is a shiny golden notebook)... Fill it in! I invite you to write as many of your dreams that you can… Things you’d love to accomplish now, or later, big ideas or tiny dreams (during lockdown, one of mine was “drink an espresso at my local coffee shop… small expectations right!).

Just dare to write them all… Even the ones you might think you don't deserve or are way too expensive or complicated, even the ones that seem insignificant or selfish… Write all of them. I actually challenge you to write at least 111 of them.
Why 111?

Why not? It’s a magic number of new beginnings and also it’s a stretch… You ‘ll see. When you get to 50 something dreams… You might get stuck and all the inner critic conversation might kick in … “You don’t deserve all that, Just think about less fortunate people, Who the hell do you think you are? All that is rubbish and stupid day-dreaming, bla bla bla”. Just ignore that and keep going until you reach 111.

And if it was easy to get there… then go for 1111 dreams! Challenge yourself to dream big, to dream a lot… Make it a game, a fun activity!
Oh and my second invitation is to go back to the list, let’s say once a month, and cross off the ones that came true, the ones that you made come true (see point number 1) And immediately replace them with new ones! Keep dreaming your life and making your dreams come true ! (remember that words are magic spells that actually manifest reality, right? So get going on the writing/manifesting you amazing magic goddess!)

3. Not all dreams when they come true will be life changing. And that is OK. The important thing is that they come true. If you’re “disappointed” by the actual thing… dream another one, a bigger one, a bolder one, one more adjusted to your actual reality and your evolved person… For me, in this instance, I realised that with the same amount of money I spent on the flotation tank, I can indulge in a massage… which I actually prefer… So massage it is!

4. If something feels off, whether dream fulfilling or otherwise… DO NOT REPEAT! I know we might have been taught (brainwashed?) about the fact that everything good needs hard work and a few attempts to become perfect… But in my opinion… that is utter bullsht. Trust your instinct, your intuition, your gut, however you want to call it… And do not repeat things that did not feel PERFECT. You deserve perfect, you deserve easy, joyful and abundant, you deserve an ideal life, a Goddess life TODAY! So dream a different dream and try something else!
I would be so happy to hear from you about all that. Thank you in advance for your comment.
So much for today ...
See you soon, for my next online adventures!
Until then I send you love, light and gratitude.

PS: If that seems a little daunting… I’m the coach for you!
If you desire to grow and create a magic life of opportunities, abundance and generosity,
If you’re open and available for happy surprises and delight, for ease, joy and flow as your basic requirements from life, for a rich, fun, chilled and leisure feeling life (at last !),
If you’re willing to accept your awesomeness, play with the Universe, open up to spirituality, acknowledge your value and give yourself permission to thrive,
I’m here for you and you can rely on me to support you, assist you and appreciate you as the dreamer of your own destiny, the magic creatrix of your dream life!
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