November 24


About not giving up, an example of card playing

By IsayaBelle

November 24, 2023

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So I’m doing this OTALOCO, Oracle and Tarot Lovers Congress event (if you’ve been living under a rock in my world… learn more here: or at the bottom of the post).
There’s 21 speakers involved in this project.
We began consistent promotion 3 weeks ago.
The numbers were not adding up.
During the last weeks before we launch in December 1st, 2nd and 3rd, I’ve felt all the feelings… from despair and anger to joy and sheer excitement.
A few days ago, I reached my lower point.
I was almost to the ground. Nothing seemed to be functioning, the Tech was playing me and the people I was dependant on for promotion and success all seemed to be very occupied … elsewhere...
I started to feel down.
Then I started to mope.
I then plunged into the shame game with myself… I should have... If only I had … I wish I were more …
And finally almost gave in to the blame game… How come I care and no one does… I have to do everything myself … Everyone else is incompetent …
The whole of my being was focused on brooding.
Did it help?
So I stopped.
And I pulled a Tarot Card from one of my favourite decks, the Light Seer’s Tarot by the amazing Chris-Anne (no affiliation here, I simply love this deck).
I got the 9 of wands (see pic)
Here’s what Chris-Anne says about that card (small extract of a much longer "explanation")

"The 9 of wands is about the final push, about excitement for what’s to come, about letting go of old battles and the need to follow through and finish what you started.
As you round the corner of success, something may surface that threatens your feelings of security and achievement. It’s important to remember how far you’ve come. Don’t see this minor deceleration as a symbol of failure, and don’t give up now! You are almost there! Step into resilience and take this final step. Attainment and completion are in store for those who are determined and tenacious enough to continue."


So I got my message and answer, right?
Don’t give up when success is almost within reach.
Cards are always a good support for the messages from the Universe.
The card reminded me that in life's journey toward our goals, there often comes a point where the path seems to narrow, and the destination appears tantalizingly close yet dauntingly far. This is the metaphorical last corner—a pivotal juncture that demands our utmost determination and resilience.
It embodies the final stretch of a race, the concluding chapters of a project, or the closing moments of a challenging endeavor. The last corner signifies that critical phase where exhaustion lurks, doubts creep in, and the temptation to surrender grows stronger. However, it is precisely at this juncture that the significance of not giving up becomes most profound. It is a testament to the power of persistence, the unwavering commitment to our aspirations, and the sheer will to overcome obstacles.
Embracing this concept underscores the understanding that success often lies not in merely reaching the end but in summoning the strength to push forward when the odds seem most formidable. It's an acknowledgment that the last corner holds the potential to redefine our limits, fuel our perseverance, and ultimately shape our triumphs.

So I saddled up and let go of control.
I allowed for the Universe to do its thang.
I gave myself permission to fail.
I gave up worrying.
And guess what?

Just 48 hours after that… Magic started happening…
The numbers started climbing
The people began collaborating.
The energy began shifting…
Then more magic …
An amazing woman reached out to me and offered her support…

And I pulled another card from the same deck.
I got a major Arcana, the Hierophant.
What was his message for me?

In the words of Chris-Anne, he reminded me that this was "a time to have faith, a time of transformation and new paradigms, a time to let go of old systems or structures that are no longer relevant (again!!), a time where I needed to let go of old ways of thinking.
The hierophant demanded that I become open to new paradigms, perspectives, mentors or teachers coming into my life at this time. He comes to serve as a living portal…

There. I had my answers.
The card, once again, was loud and clear.
It was all about not giving up at the "last corner".
In different contexts, the "last corner" embodies the final leg of various pursuits.
In sports, it's that critical turn or stretch before the finish line, where athletes summon their remaining strength and willpower.
In personal goals, it symbolizes the conclusive phase of a long journey—be it learning a new skill, completing a project, or achieving a milestone.
In careers, it signifies that pivotal moment before a breakthrough, where persistent efforts culminate into potential success or advancement.
The last corner encapsulates the essence of a challenging endpoint, demanding a final push to achieve desired outcomes across diverse areas of life.

Facing the last corner triggers a myriad of psychological challenges. The proximity to the goal can paradoxically amplify the temptation to give up, as exhaustion and doubts loom large.
The mind grapples with the fear of failure, questioning whether the efforts invested thus far are truly sufficient. Maintaining the right mindset becomes paramount during this phase—believing in oneself, reinforcing the purpose behind the pursuit, and cultivating resilience in the face of uncertainty.
The ability to navigate these psychological hurdles determines the outcome, as it is often a battle fought within one's mind as much as it is against external obstacles.
So we face different "enemies"… Fatigue and Exhaustion, Fear of Failure and sometimes even Lack of Motivation...
Recognizing these enemies and cultivating a determined mindset is crucial to overcoming the psychological barriers that accompany the last corner and forging ahead toward success.
And the hierophant card did exactly that for me.
Reminded me of the path.
Of the actions I needed to do to take care of my tiredness, and of my own personal demons and sabotages.

Because that is what we do, us card lovers… We pull cards.
And listen.
And let the Universe talk to us through symbols, words, images and magic.
Then we course correct our actions.

And watch our lives change… for the better!!

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I believe that is all for today.
I would be so happy to hear from you.
Thank you in advance for your comment.
See you soon, for my next online adventures!
Until then I send you love, light and gratitude.

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