June 14


Healing with Intention and Overcoming Guilt

By IsayaBelle

June 14, 2024

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I’ve been thinking.
Of course I have.
Since I decided to "pause" and take my sweet time to heal… a stillness and an emptiness has appeared.
In the vacuum, something has started brewing.
I’m doing my very best to allow, to surrender and not push the process.
And breathe.
I know myself.
I’m fast.
My brain is rapid thinking, rapid decision making, rapid implementation.
I’m actively trying to slow down (lol!)
I’m facing the difficulty of that.
Stay in the vacuum.
Allow anything to appear.
Surrender to the process.
Relinquish the search for specific outcomes.
Give up effort.
Renounce goals and quest for success.
Just be.
And consent to my healing.
However that happens.

I can’t stop thinking though…

And here are the thoughts that have appeared, in case they can be of some inspiration. I know the writing process, for me, is like a rendez-vous with my soul and my unconscious, one when I allow for ideas and ahas to emerge, one where seemingly separate and unrelated thoughts and ideas come together and may begin to form something bigger.

So here are my thoughts of the week.

Around healing, to begin with, since it is the main topic for me these days.

I’ve shared before how I intend to "throw everything at it", and created my self-care and healing plan in 5 parts:

1. MEDICAL Healing: allow all the modern medicine and welcome it.

2. HOLISTIC Healing: Investigate all the alternative medicines and implement all of it (or as much as I feel like implementing!).

3. MAGIC Healing: work on the mindset and energetics with any and all tools available to me.

4. SELFISH Healing: make myself a priority AND ask, allow and welcome help and support.

5. JOYFUL Healing: Find the joy in all of it.

(You can find the original blog post here:https://isayabelle.com/embracing-the-healing-buffet-building-my-own-holistic-health-temple)

Still, I’ve been feeling guilty. Yep, I know, heavy word.

Guilty of "mixing and matching", "making my own recipe" and not following one doctor, or one "guru".

I had to remind myself of my own theory…

There is no singular ultimate healing modal.

Just like the rest of my life, my healing is going to be a multi-passionate journey, and use a variety of healing techniques and people.

From the actual doctors to the energy healers, I intend to advocate for an array of healing approaches.

In my life, I’ve gone from an initially rigid approach to later beginning to integrate a rainbow of healing techniques and modals. I have even created a unique healing modal, called Rise, which encompasses all 8 major Greek Goddesses Archetypes, and literally helps us rise, from the Earth to the Sky… it follows the Chakra system upwards and when we work through it, whether individually or as a group, we visit all the Archetypes, connect to them in the invisible, bring them back into consciousness and find practical ways to have them play a part in your daily life… and heal.

And yet, I still felt guilty, or rather like a "fraud" healer, using a "cheap", "catch-all" set of tools, instead of one acknowledged, certified method.

And even advocating for that array.

And secretly, that made me feel like an imposter.

I had to remind myself of a conversation with a friend earlier this year where I drew parallels to language acquisition.

We can all agree that when you learn a second or third language, you don’t "forget" your mother tongue, it doesn’t diminish you, but on the contrary increases your knowledge and ability to understand the world and communicate with others.

Same with healing.

Each modal added to your set of tools makes you more powerful, more equipped to walk the path of the healer.

Because, yes, "All healing is self-healing", as my mentor Joanna Hunter puts it.

So whether I am looking to heal myself or to help you in your healing process, it’s fundamentally the same and using various healing modalities enriches rather than diminishes one's practice.

At every step one can use the technique that is the most relevant, each having its own strengths and perks.

Imagine you're a handy person with a toolbox full of tools. Each tool serves a different purpose, but together they help you tackle any job that comes your way. Similarly, in holistic healing, you gather various techniques and modalities to create your own "healing toolbox." Having a diverse array of tools at your disposal allows you to address different aspects of health and well-being. You cannot screw with a hammer, so to say. So if you need screwing…

So, yes that also means that being on a healing journey, one needs to keep up with information. I cannot insist enough on the importance of continual learning and personalization in healing.

Personalization is key because of the uniqueness of each individuals' energetic composition and signature.

So actually, a mosaic of tools and techniques, a complete and utter customization of each healing journey is the one key that will open all doors.

Cookie Cutter is never going to cut it.

This is me giving myself permission again (even injunction!!) to trust the way I walk the healing path.

Because, let me be crystal clear (oh crystals, yes, I’d forgotten about their healing power!!), let me insist: all healing is energy first.

Well actually, all in life is energy first and there is a profound interconnectedness and interdependence of all things. Whether viewed through the lens of science or spirituality, energy has a fundamental role in shaping our existence and experiences. Embracing this perspective has lead me to a deeper understanding of the universe and has fostered practices that promote harmony and well-being, basically changing my life… for the better.

Because, just like you…

I am nothing special.

I am a human.

I am an embodied Soul.

I am a Child of the Universe.

I am a Starseed of the Cosmos.

I am a Shard of Light of the One Source.

I am Living a Goddess Life.

My healing is not going to look like yours. And still maybe I can be an inspiration. And still maybe I can walk by your side and support you.

My healing is mine only. And still...

Lately I caught myself thinking that I’m no healer… Too materialistic, not qualified enough, too wounded, not healed enough myself… again that imposter feeling.

Then I found this:

No comment.

I would be so happy to hear from you about all that. Thank you in advance for your comment.

So much for today …

See you soon, for my next online adventures!

Until then I send you love, light and gratitude.



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