Discover the “TooMuch Woman” approach to changing your life !

Hello Goddess, Welcome home ...

Are you ready to transform your beliefs, your life, your business ... to flourish in all areas?

Are you ready to shift your past crap and start Living a Goddess Life TODAY,

You need a Goddess Mentor who accompanies you in your flight, who masters spiritual practices and technological tools, the business world and magic!

I'm here for you !

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Answer all 21 questions to find out which of the 8 Greek Goddesses Archetype you need to add more of in your life.
And balance the energies to experience more joy, more flow and more abundance everyday !

Who am I for ?

freedom lovers

If you’re excited to receive way more than you ever dreamed,

If you’ve got the courage to dive deep into your limiting beliefs,

I’m offering a unique way to transform your life and experience peace, wealth, freedom and safety !

Magic dreamers

If you’re done with sacrifices and ready to set some boundaries,

If you desire to grow and create a magic life of opportunities, abundance and generosity,

I’m here for you and you can rely on me to support you, listen and appreciate you as the leader of your life, the champion of your own destiny !

leap lovers

If you’re ready to open up to new ideas and possibilities, ready to trust and leap into full empowerment,

If you’ve decided you’re done with living in fear and want to speak up,

I’m here to help you increase your self-respect, embrace your self-esteem and self-love, expand beyond your wildest dreams, stretch your comfort zone, find your purpose and prosper, finally ask to be paid for your talents, skills and work, in order to fully express the visionary, caring, compassionate TooMuch woman that you already are.

Joy Seekers

If you’re open and available for happy surprises and delight, for ease, joy and flow as your basic requirements from life, for a rich, fun, chilled and leisure feeling life (at last !),
If you’re willing to accept your awesomeness, your brilliant TooMuchness, play with the Universe, open up to spirituality, acknowledge your value and give yourself permission to thrive,
I’m here to assist you so that you can give, receive, serve, share and chill, feeling secure and joyful, whether you’re building an empire or funding a luxury life experience for yourself !

If you know you’re a TooMuch Woman and are finally willing to embrace that,

If you know you desire to align with the Goddess in you, for the next evolution of your TooMuchness,

If you're ready to make your well-being a priority, put yourself first, invest in yourself … and back yourself up ! 

If you feel that this is your path, that you need support to let go of your past, fully step into your present and create your golden future ...

I've got you ! Let's do this !

These are the areas I can help with ...


Mastering technology for your online business and thriving !

Goddess Archetypes

Connecting with the Divine and understanding your Goddess Archetypes !

Negative beliefs

Cutting the toxic ties to your negative and limiting beliefs !

Your cyclic nature

Surrendering to your secret femininity, remembering and understanding your cyclic nature and the basic 4 feminine archetypes !


Succeeding in every possible way, from self-love, self confidence, planning, abundance, creativity, joy, relationships, intuition, and more generally winning at life !

Magic Creation

Walking the path of the Enlightened and creating magic around you !

Goddess Living

Living a Goddess Life on a dai !ly basis, embodying the Goddess and navigating in flow

Magic Living

Comprehending and harnessing the nature of the Universe and your own !

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about me

a little more info ...

Hello everyone ... I'm Isaya, a mixed media spiritual artist and crafter, as well as a magico-pragmatic mindset and biz coach, goddess teacher and traveling priestess.
I have been working with the Divine Feminine for over 20 years, in real life and online, and have facilitated women’s circles, red tents, artist workshops and sacred retreats all over the world.
I write a blog in both French and English, have a French podcast, have created several online courses and was a guest speaker in several programs worldwide.

I accompany women in the re-connection to themselves, nature and the Universe. I work with the Greek Goddesses archetypes to attune my clients with the Divine Feminine so they feel supported, live their best life and raise the vibration of the planet as a whole!
I'm from Greece and discuss daily with the likes of Athena and Aphrodite !
I'm trilingual and I have worked as a language teacher for over 15 years. I love teaching pretty much anything .. I was a salsa instructor for a while ! I was a bookshop keeper for years so I loooove oracle cards...


Here's what I can do for YOU

If you're tired of playing small and being stuck ...

It's time to transform your beliefs, get out of your shell and fly like a butterfly!

I know that inside of you there is a woman who was born to thrive, to live her full potential, to embrace her greatness and to share her light with the world ...

It's time to get the support you need .... and rise !


Check what these amazing women said about me ...

Ruth Sandoval Intuitive Life Coach

Right Direction

Isaya has a way of making me feel that helping me is her most important focus. And, after working with her, I know it is true. Without judgement, Isaya helps me to see through what is blocking me, and with a firm and loving manner, she points me in the right direction with so much support and resource that it is impossible for me to fail. I recommend Isaya to anyone who is yearning to become their highest and best self.

Mandy Ekat Author and Happy Returning Client

Fairy Godmother

Isaya is my fairy godmother with a bit of Cruella De Vil mixed in when it comes to my BS excuses. I love her so much! She has helped me grow in areas I didn't even realized I needed to grow in to become the very best version of myself. Thank you, you awesome woman!!!

Sarah Marcotte

Patient and wise

I have had very patient, compassionate & wise support from Isaya when she worked with me on learning some tech for my online business. I have also had the pleasure of learning from her through her Goddess Sunday’s. In both instances this lovely “too much” woman provided me with SO much information that was a welcome pleasure to consume. She brings her generous heart and her passion to everything she shares. I highly recommend working with her in any capacity that your heart is led to.

Joanna Hunter

"It is a mark of strength to be able to ask and allow yourself to receive advice when you need it."

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