NaNoWriMo, Day 11

By IsayaBelle

November 11, 2022

Day 11.

Today ... I wrote ... wait for it ...

1076 words!

Feels so good, having put out there all those ideas that were bursting at the seams !

Yesterday I promised to share the opening lines of my novel... Here we go... Although theremight be Prologue in the writing that would technocally come before that...

"- Sorry, Sir, visiting hours are over for today.
- No way. I’m going in, I’m her great grandson, I’ve traveled 1200 km to be here, it’s 5 pm, I’m pretty sure she’s still awake, I’m going in. Please give me her room number.
He glared at the annoying preppy brunette secretary with his sharp blue eyes. Nuncio Arcas was not about to let her prevent him from hugging his beloved great grandmother. He brushed his wild strawberry blond hair backwards with a brisk hand and proceeded to walk, or rather march to his gran’s room."

Tell me what you think... Do you want more?

Tomorrow I may have another crazy surprise!!

See you tomorrow!