Now what is Multicolored life coaching ?

It so happens that I have lived in 4 countries, moved in (and out of !) 25 different houses, I have 3 nationalities, have traveled extensively to 20 countries, have done at least 20 different paid jobs, have tried 30 or more creative styles, have undergone at least 3 different therapies, have learned from more than 100 mentors, specialists, gurus, coaches, psychologists, etc …

I have reinvented my life so many times …  changed houses, stopped smoking, decorated my home, redecorated, changed professions, been single, married, separated, got my hands dirty to renovate my 1000m2 house, been pregnant, mother to babies, then to children, to teenagers, now to young adults, have loved, unloved, have been loved, unloved, been happy, sad, mourning, angry, healthy, sick, fat, slim, menstruating, transitioning to menopause …

All of these changes, these upcyclings of my life and personality …

I’ve experienced them first hand… in JOY !

It’s been forever that my friends and family and even complete strangers ask for advice from me… on change and transformation…

One thing I know how to do and accompany others do… is change.

Make choices, embrace them, choose self love, shift towards a more positive version of yourself, transition to joy, venture into new freer territories, embrace the flow, adopt peace and gratitude, leap into sunnier endeavors, and implement optimism in your life. Upcycle !

And I know a whole lot about change, about the courage it takes to make choices, the energy it calls for, the support it requires, the various tools that can help any shift.

I know for sure that it’s so much easier and lighter and flowing when you are supported, encouraged, when someone can bear witness and hold space for you.

I am not a specialist of anything. But I know enough about … a lot of things! In our work together, I can assess what tools might be useful to you, let you experiment them with me in a safe space, then redirect you to various implementation techniques and/or specific specialists.

I am your toolkit for change, for transforming and upcycling your life and yourself!

If you’ve got the will to change, I’ve got the tools. Let’s do it ! Let’s start rebuilding your life with my array of colored tools !

Working with me is for you if :

  • you resent your black and white life
  • you’re experiencing change and feel unable to choose a path
  • you feel stuck
  • you have no idea what could work for you
  • you don’t want to spend time and money on “specialists” without knowing if they’ll be good for you
  • you’re afraid of change but secretly dreaming about it
  • you believe you have no creativity
  • you feel powerless to change anything
  • you’re way past dreaming about it, you want it NOW!
  • you want a tailor made, hand-sewn program for your personal upcycling

Working with me is NOT for you if:

  • you’d rather be safe than sorry
  • you prefer complaining
  • your life is already perfect
  • you don’t really want to change anything
  • you believe that change is too dangerous
  • you’d rather stick to daydreaming
  • you believe only specialists can help you
  • you prefer pastel colors and gray

And I do want to insist on something, beloved, you don’t have to change everything … sometimes there’s just this tiny change … that can bring sooo much joy to your life !

When we work together we will be upcycling your life for more joy, more flow, more love, more gratitude, more freedom, more peace, I will pass the tools from my hands to yours, so that you can take things in your own hands, feel empowered to make your own choices and implement them !.

Here is what you can expect from working with me:

  • reprogram your mindset about your life
  • experiment meaning and joy everyday
  • implement your dreams, however tiny or massive
  • live according to your desires
  • seeing beauty everywhere
  • discover that you are the creator of your life … and enjoy it !
  • start spreading the joy and rainbow around you
  • singing way more often in the shower … and out!

Hopefully you’ll feel like you have the whole rainbow in your hand !

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