I live a life that is close to nature, its cycles and its mysteries. 

I live a life that is magic, filled with creativity and ritual.

I live a life connected with the Divine and the Greek Goddesses Archetypes.

This way of life and doing business gives meaning and joy to my days.

I know it can help you too.

Are you looking for a meaning in your life ? 

Are you craving more joy, ease and flow ?

Are you dreaming of change but lost as to "how to" ?

Free 30 min Dare to Shine Discovery Call to see if we are color coordinated and if you’re ready to change and rise with the Goddesses !

Ways to work with me 1:1

Pick my brain Session

1x 60 min session

Whether it's Tech, Business or Mindset, choose your topic, get my insights !


1 Month 1:1 Coaching

1 x 90 min Dig Deep session

2 x 60 min coaching sessions

Coaching resources

1 month of email/Voxer/Messenger access (week days) 


Total of 3 sessions spaced out over a month

3 Months 1:1 Coaching

 1 x 90 min Dig Deep session

8 x 60 min coaching sessions

Coaching resources

3 months of email/Voxer/Messenger access (week days)


(one off means you save €100)

Total of 9 sessions spaced out over 3 months

Possible Payment Plan of 3x 333€

Please contact me for your own tailer made package !

Want to know more about what I call Multicolored Life Coaching before committing ? Click HERE

Focus and Care

I've experienced Isaya's clear focus, care and help several times, either directly or through group support. She comes from a deeply loving place - a great mix along with her firm focused "you can do this" butt-kicking approach. It's help me to take practical steps that I probably would have avoided otherwise. She deeply cares and really wants you to do well. Go get some of her support today.

Beccy Howe Therapist, Teacher, Artist and Author


I love your determination to nurture the positive and break out of limiting beliefs.

Amélie S.

Right Direction

Isaya has a way of making me feel that helping me is her most important focus. And, after working with her, I know it is true. Without judgement, Isaya helps me to see through what is blocking me, and with a firm and loving manner, she points me in the right direction with so much support and resource that it is impossible for me to fail. I recommend Isaya to anyone who is yearning to become their highest and best self.

Ruth Sandoval Intuitive Life Coach

In the interest of complete upfront transparency- Coaching only works, if you do! Coaching is NOT a passive thing where magically you become richer, happier, more fulfilled and your business is suddenly on everyone’s lips. Coaching is a ‘doing thing’ where the action that you take in your life or business is what creates the real results. Coaching is a strategy and a tool for creating your dreams but without your commitment and input they remain unused tools and theory. Only undertake coaching if you are ready to fully commit to your dreams by taking action.

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