21 Days of Greek Goddesses

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About this course

Do you want to know more about the Greek Goddesses Archetypes ?

Are you looking for a quick fix ?

Do you have 5 minutes a day ?

Are you ready for radical change ?

Do you need tips to meet the Goddesses ?

Are you yearning to connect with you yourself easily and deeply ?

My Greek friends and me ... we have your back !

Get a daily tip/reminder to connect with the Goddess and induce radical change in your life!

21 days is all it takes! 5 minutes a day ! You can do it ! And it WILL change everything in your life!

Financial investment? 21 €!

1 € per day and the program stays with you for life! You can do it again live with us at every solstice!

And let the magic happen!

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1 Lesson

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Welcome in the 21 days of Greek Goddesses !

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