Tier 3 Speaker Bonuses List

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Gifted by Isaya Gabriel, from IsayaBelle.com

Ground With Gaia, 3 Parts Challenge

3 parts course on grounding, getting to know and adopting the Gaia archetype in your everyday life. Contains 5 chapters, videos, audios and texts to accompany you on your journey to more grounding.

Valued at 44€

Gifted by Jean Berry, from jeanberrypresents.com

Creation Quest: Your Personal Oracle Card Deck Online Course

This is a 5 part course for creating your own 12 card oracle deck for personal use.

Valued at $111

Gifted by Laura Muirhead, from lauramuirhead.com

Tarot Queen Cheat Sheet

I designed this guide to provide you with key information about tarot cards and readings. Tarot cards have been used for centuries as a tool for spiritual guidance and insight. By understanding the meanings behind the cards and how to interpret them, you can deepen your connection with the cards and gain a better understanding of yourself and the situations around you. So, let's dive into the world of tarot and start unlocking its mysteries!

Valued at $10

Gifted by Callie Di Nello, from createavity.com

Mission Intuition: discovering your Inner GPS

Tap into your inner wisdom, trust your intuition, and explore the magic within. No experience needed! Intuition is our own unique inner GPS - a reliable and intrinsically connected source of wisdom that can guide us through life's challenges and opportunities.

This online course has been crafted to help you discover and unleash the full potential of your intuition, your own perfect inner GPS. Whether you are new to the concept of intuition, or have been a keen explorer for some time, Mission Intuition offers you practical tools and techniques to develop your intuition, reconnect with your inner guidance, and unlock the synchronicities and opportunities that await you on your life path.

Through a simple six-step approach, we will delve into the process of developing your intuition and explore ways to enhance your connection with your intuitive self. And at the end of Mission Intuition, you will be equipped with the knowledge and tools necessary to confidently navigate life's challenges and seize its opportunities, all with the unwavering support and guidance of your ever-trusty companion: your inner GPS, your intuition.

So! are you ready to embark on this exciting journey of self-discovery and tap into the boundless wisdom that resides within you? Join us in Mission Intuition today and unlock the doors to a more purposeful, fulfilling, and guided life ...

Valued at £44

Gifted by Cindi Buenzli Gertz, from consciouslivingarts.com

Not Your Mother's Menopause

3-Part Mini Course

Join Cindi on magical, hopeful journey through the most overlooked and undervalued change a woman goes through in her lifetime!

In this introductory, 3-Part Mini Menopause Course, you’ll learn:

• an empowered, divine feminine approach to menopause where you'll be seen, heard, held, and appreciated

• the four keys to an easeful, graceful, confident, and joyful journey through perimenopause and menopause

• how to shift the legacy of "the change" from invisibility, isolation, and anxiety to connection, celebration, and initiation into wise womanhood

At the end of this pre-recorded journey, you’ll have the opportunity to connect with Cindi live on zoom.

Valued at $195.

Gifted by Victoria Chisholm, from theintuitivelistener

Dragon Wealth Healing Bundle

Join Victoria and the dragons of the Universe in these recordings to help you release deep money issues from your dragon divine pattern, which will affect all of your past lives, timelines and realities. Amazing for spiritual entrepreneurs, heart centred business owners and anyone who is playing with the idea of starting their own business.

Clearing all money issues will help with endless debts, money ceilings, and blocks in the way of designing your life purpose and dream business the way you wish to bring it into reality.

Plus loads of new dragon elixirs and frequencies, special bonuses and so much more!

Valued at $154/£129

Gifted by Katy-K, from katy-k.com

Katy-K's Top 10 Three Card Reading Spreads Mini Course

Katy-K explores & explains her Top 10 3-card reading spreads to assist you in developing your readings and your own style.

Valued at $59

Gifted by Fiona Morris, from nourishandflourish

A Shadow Work Tarot Journal

Fiona Morris, a seasoned practitioner of Tarot and shadow work, brings her compassionate guidance and thoughtful prompts empower you to navigate the depths of your heart with courage and authenticity.

Download your copy of Shadow Work Tarot Journal below and embark on a sacred journey of sel discovery, where shadows become stepping stones toward your highest self.

Illuminate the path within and embrace the alchemy of transformation.

Valued at £33

Gifted by Karen Coccia, from karencoccia.com

Group Clearing and Healing Circle

Karen will hold a few different circles so she can answer for all time zones. She will be using tarot cards to help you clear what is ready to be released. A replay will will also be offered.

Valued at $197

Gifted by Kris Wallace, from kris-wallace.com

1 Free spot in Ready To Win LIVE 6-week Course

Join my brand new Ready To Win LIVE 6-week Course (starts Jan. 8 2024)

LIVE group Zoom sessions for each of the 30 exercises in my NEW workbook Ready To Win, Lottery Law of Attraction Workbook.

Starting January 8, 2024, each weekday morning 5am-6am Central, through February 16, we step into the shoes of lottery winners, reviewing our options for our new lives of abundance.

We'll feel what it's like to be new multimillionaires and we'll make all the decisions. By the end of our six weeks together, we will be ready to win!

Workbook to be released on Amazon 11/27!

Valued at $111

Gifted by Pia  Becker, from dreamandwanderland.com

Dream & Wander Workbook

Your workbook for connecting to your deepest dreams and desires, overcoming obstacles, and turning them into reality!

A  complete workbook that goes through all four process pillars, from connecting to your dreams to making a plan to turn them into reality. While on that journey, you can dive deep into your desires, uncover what is holding you
back (fears, doubts, limiting beliefs, etc.), explore how to overcome them, plan them out, and eventually wander!

 Valued at €43

Gifted by Andrea Detchon, from thejoyscientist.co.uk

The Joy Journey

4 week automated email video journey into finding your joy formula. A 4 week video course designed to give you tools to feel better, more positive, smile more and start to explore what makes your life joyful.

 Valued at £89

Gifted by Jill Chesrow, from elementsofmastery.com

Sacred Foundations Digital Frequency Card Set AND The Legacy Weaver Digital Frequency Card Set.

Each set includes 9 Encoded Frequency Art Support
Images to print or work with digitally with messages to support you on your
journey of developing and deepening your Sacred Foundation and Activating
your Legacy Weaver Codes of Light!

Each valued at $12

Gifted by Jacky Kemp, from ascensionhealing.org

What blocks are holding you back from Abundance Masterclass

Are you struggling with abundance in your life ? Would you like to find out how your blocks and your ancestors beliefs carried in your DNA may be preventing you achieving all you desire.

The Masterclass will happen on Jan 27, 2024 11:00 AM UK time.

Valued at £44.44

Gifted by Simone Alves, from simonealves.squarespace.com

Video Attunement “GROWING FROM THE DARK” - going beyond your fears.

This attunement and meditation video is here to support you to find peacefulness and reassurance that the light will at some point shine bright upon you and your projects. Once you follow the link to leave me your email and details, you'll be in the loop.
I’ll perform the ritual at the last New Moon before the Solstice (December 12th), from a magical place known here to be the entrance to the other world. I’ll work with portals, and connect you with the energies you might need to support you. I’ll film some parts, maybe record some sounds (I do intuitive singing and sounds, sometimes in the ancient Celtic language of Brittany), I’ll take some pictures.

You’ll receive a video and creative enhanced pictures from the place so that you can connect yourself on a deeper level with the energies. (once the ritual is performed, on the following day) The video is itself will be a way for you to open to receive and meditate.

• Link to the video, complete with context, explanations & healing sounds. (in English). You can use it as many times as you want. 3 to 10 min.
• Downloadable PDF with elements to journal about & a recap from the messages I receive
• An oracle spread to do your own reading and deepen the connection with the attunement • Graphic files to download and use as background on your computer desktop & as mobile wallpaper. (they will be pictures from the place of the attunement, and therefore carry those energies along)

Valued at 55€

Gifted by Lois Warnock, from loiswarnock.com

Digital Image of Quan Yin 

You will be sent a digital Image of Lois Warnock's original painting of Quan Yin.

Valued at $45

Gifted by Laura Staisiunas, from littleaspenstudios.com

Envisioning My Future Self

Enjoy this fun workbook where you reflect on the last 12 months honoring areas of success, challenges, and celebrations! Then move forward envisioning the upcoming months looking at you with new opportunities, goals, and transformations. What is your new timeline? Affirm that your wants and desire are important!

Valued at $39

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