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All the OTALOCO Decks... on Deckible!

OTALOCO Speaker Deck

by all the OTALOCO Speakers, from otaloco.heysummit.com

A deck to introduce all the amazing Speakers of the 2023 Edition...

The Oracle and Tarot Lovers Congress, affectionately known as OTALOCO, or the Card Addicts Gathering, a magical gathering of oracle and tarot enthusiasts, is an extraordinary event that immerses participants in the captivating world of tarot and oracle cards, delivering profound insights and inspiration.

OTALOCO is a testament to the joy and truth found in cards and provides an unforgettable journey that deepens attendees' understanding and strengthens their connection to the mystical world of divination.

Meet the 21 extraordinary speakers of the 2023 Edition and be inspired by their quotes, images of beauty and words of wisdom.

FREE for ALL ATTENDEES on Deckible

Goddess Self-Care Oracle Deck

by Isaya Gabriel, from Isayabelle.com

A deck to up your self-care and make YOU a priority

This beautifully designed deck of cards features 72 unique self-care practices and affirmations, connected with the 8 major Greek Goddesses Archetypes, each one carefully crafted to inspire and empower you on your journey of self-discovery, to up your self-care and make YOU a priority!

Whether you’re feeling overwhelmed, stressed, or simply in need of some self-love, the Goddess Self-Care Oracle Deck has got you covered. With a variety of practices and affirmations, this deck is perfect for anyone looking to prioritize their well-being and create a more fulfilling life.

$15.99 on Deckible

Angels, Peacocks & Butterflies: 100 Days of Miracles Game

by Jean Berry from jeanberrypresents.com

Inspired Action through Innovative Game

Connect to your intuition and get into inspired action with this innovative game designed to open up miracles and synchronicity every day!

$24.99 on Deckible

Personal Alignment - Draw A Card

by Jean Berry from jeanberrypresents.com


This deck is designed to discover your quickest path to personal alignment so you can easily flow into your best manifesting state. It is a hand drawn deck with single prompts for your highest and best action for high-vibing.

This deck was created inside my 5-Day Creation Quest for creating your own oracle deck with your own imagery.

$9.99 on Deckible

Francie Chick and the A-Z Positive Affirmation Cards

by Jean Berry from jeanberrypresents.com


Francie Chick is here to help kids and their families grow happiness and love. 'Cluck' a card every morning to set up the day right!

Fans of the Francie Chick books will love the daily fun that Francie and her sister, Shelly bring with positive affirmations.

In her books, Francie teaches young children about social media, before they have their own accounts. These cards bring home what's REALLY important in living a happy life..

$2.99 on Deckible

Sacred Attunement Oracle

by laura Staisiunas, from Littleaspenstudios.com

Activate your connection to your Higher Self

In this deck of 44 beautifully illustrated oracle cards created by Laura Staisiunas, you’ll find images and message that activate the wisdom within you.

The energetic nature of her original alchemical artwork invites you to deepen your soul essence and alignment with Spirit through the lens of practically applies spirituality.

This deck is designed with intention to activate your connection to your Higher Self. The dynamic power of the images and their meanings carry alchemical energies that inspire you to interpret the messages through your own thoughts and feelings, with the messages acting as a gateway to your inner discovery.

$8.99 on Deckible

Queen Code Oracle Deck

by Laura Muirhead, from  Lauramuirhead.com

Become the Queen of your Queendom!

Some days you can feel like anybody but the Queen of your own Queendom, the Queen Code Oracle Card Deck will help you back into alignment and have you rolling your shoulders back and straightening your crown ready to take charge of your Queendom again.

$12.99 on Deckible

Spirit Guide Soul Divination Oracle Deck

by Lois Warnock, from loiswarnock.com

44 Spirit Guides

Features 44 spirit guides channeled by Lois in spirit sessions with clients from around the globe. Each spirit guide called in a crystal to work with along with metaphysical properties and messages through her crystal resonance studies.

$22.99 on Deckible

The Awakening to Your Divine Self Deck 

by Jill Chersow (and friends!), from www.elementsofmastery.com

39 artists!

The Awakening to Your Divine Self Deck was first published in 2013.

This deck was created by 39 artists from across the globe, designed to assist you with your awakening to the full potential of your Divine Self. It was created with Wisdom and Love from our hearts to yours!

$14.99 on Deckible

The Priestesses of the New Earth Energy Essence Oracle Card Deck

by Jill Chersow (and friends!), from www.elementsofmastery.com

44 cards for Sacred Medecine

The Priestesses of the New Earth Energy Essence Oracle Card Deck was created in 2018.

This 44-card deck carriers the sacred medecine of not only its contributors, but your sacred medicine as well, for you are a Priestesses of the New Earth and you are powerful beyond measure. 

Sing your song, dance your dance, live your magic!

$14.99 on Deckible


by Katy-K, from katy-k.com


This vibrant deck of cards deliver a modern twist providing practical guidance and clarity in the world of today.

These cards are a great tool for developing your intuition as they feature clear textual cues as well as beautiful imagery.

The Modern Oracle is for the Psychic of today and those seeking guidance.

πŸ’š Easy-to-use deck & appropriate for all levels of experience

πŸ’š Vibrant deck of cards

πŸ’š Clear suggestive imagery

πŸ’š Easy-to-understand practical guidance

πŸ’š Clear textual clues

πŸ’š Accurate guidance

πŸ’š Down to earth and realistic

πŸ’š Choose a daily card for guidance

πŸ’šAsk the cards a question

πŸ’š Blessing & Prayer of Intention card

$14.99 on Deckible

THE MODERN ORACLEβ„’ of Essential Oils

by Katy-K, from katy-k.com

53 cards for Practical Guidance

This deck is a great tool for healing and can further enhance your knowledge of essential oils, while offering guidance and information for potential healing benefits.

πŸ’š easy-to-use deck & appropriate for all levels of experience
πŸ’š vibrant deck of cards
πŸ’š beautiful imagery of the source of each essential oil
πŸ’š easy-to-understand practical guidance
πŸ’š channeled messages
πŸ’š positive affirmations
πŸ’š numbered for further guidance
πŸ’š There are also special keywords to guide, inspire, and further enhance your intuitive readings.
πŸ’š Chakras colour borders - Questions about your chakras

This deck is used by many psychics to do readings or give guidance. This deck can answer your questions.

$14.99 on Deckible

All the OTALOCO Decks... on Deckible!