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Welcome to the Women-Only Goddess Self-Care Oracle Deck Workshop! Step into a sacred space where the energy of 8 Greek Goddess Archetypes merges with your own journey of self-discovery, self-care and empowerment. 

This workshop is designed exclusively for women to gather, connect, and nurture themselves through the wisdom of the Goddesses, uncovering the 8 sacred spheres of Living a Goddess Life.

Living a Goddess Life involves actively embodying one’s essence through a series of meaningful actions, rather than merely dwelling in thought or fantasy. Therefore, this workshop is all about hands-on participation and embracing a proactive approach.


After a short Opening Circle and Introductions, each participant will draw a card from the Goddess Self-Care Oracle Deck to serve as a personal guiding Archetype for the workshop's duration, reflecting the aspect of self-care that needs attention today. Isaya will then briefly present the qualities and strengths associated with each Goddess, and how they relate to our lives to help everyone connect with the Goddess Archetypes .
We then share a collective Guided Meditation before separating into Archetypal Self-Care Stations, where each participant can get to know "their" Goddess of the day and we finish with a Closing Ceremony.

Who am I?

Isaya Belle Gabriel

Magico-Pragmatic Inspiration Mentor - Tech Goddess Teacher - Mixed Media Spiritual Artist and Crafter - Traveling Priestess - Moon Mother and Remote Practitioner - Menstrual Cycle Companion - Sacred Retreats Facilitator - Co-Founder of the Women Lighting the Way Summit.

More about me: https://isayabelle.com/

Hear what they say about me

Wonderfully explained, I'm really looking forward to joining your series to connect and learn more 💗

Shauna Brady

Thank you !

Isaya is amazing, she really knows how to tap into your goddess and help with what you need, I was on a call with her and wow it was powerful, she helped me make sense of so many things, I feel a huge weight has shifted, what a blessing to this world you are Isaya, thank you thank you thank you!

Ruby Coupe


Thanks to Isaya, I pay a subtler attention to the magic aspect of my everyday life. What I loved is the sincerity of your transmission, of your implication. Your greatest quality is your profound desire to contribute to assist, enlighten, guide others towards a more spiritual life.


Recently empowered empty nestor

Fairy Godmother

Isaya is my fairy godmother with a bit of Cruella De Vil mixed in when it comes to my BS excuses. I love her so much! She has helped me grow in areas I didn't even realized I needed to grow in to become the very best version of myself. Thank you, you awesome woman!!!

Mandy Ekat

Author and Happy Returning Client


I love your determination to nurture the positive and break out of limiting beliefs.

Amélie S.

Thank you for your benevolent insight which makes your feedback relevant to move forward.


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