Unleash you creativity with Isaya

Let Isaya and Goddess Demeter inspire you to remember the path to your own creativity, set fire to that spark of inventive genius in you, surrender to your creative self and reconnect with the joy and freedom of creating with your hands ! (even if you have no clue where to start)

4 weeks to find and cultivate

your artistic spark

Course Enrollment ends 20th of June


Do you feel like you’ve never been creative but are dreaming about it ?

I see you.

So many times ...

In so many ways...

For such a long time ...

So much self-doubt...

So many critics speaking in your head ...

You've been telling the story of "I suck at art"...

"I’m not creative" ...

But at the same time ...


I used to feel like that.
I used to feel I wasn't an artist.
I used to feel I wasn’t a creative (I actually was told so quite a few times too !)
There was a constant stream of critical remarks towards myself when I was thinking about starting a creative practice, an artistic endeavor...
Every time I would compare myself with the likes of Picasso, Tamara from willowing.org, Michelangelo or Ruby Coupe form dottydelightful.com … and create this competition in my head.
And loose.
And I’d give up trying.
Until one day I realized I had a choice in all this.
I could choose a different path.
One of enjoying the process, not the result.
One of creating consistently.
I discovered so many gems on the way… so many "benefits" in maintaining a daily creative practice.
It’s a path to walk on for the rest of my life.
And I’m walking.
Accompanied by Demeter.
And it feels so good!

Would you love to start a creative practice ?

Imagine ...

 In just 4 weeks ...

What if you were opening up to a new vision of your creativity?

If you could see the endless possibilities and fun in the creative process ?

If you could unfold new ways of creating, daily, in ease and flow ?

If you finally stopped judging the creative in you ?

Started reclaiming the creative process as your birth right ?

Fully understood and embodied the transformative and healing qualities of creativity ?

What if your daily creative practice was THE solution to flowing through your life in joy ?

Unleash your creativity

4 weeks to get you reconnected with the creative part of you !

Thanks to Isaya’s advice, tips, and easy to implement ideas, you truly CAN fully awaken the creative inside and change your daily life AND your future, in just four weeks!
Every week you will tackle a new artistic project, with step by step practical guidance and hand-holding, as well as powerful mindset tools and meditations, opening up to enjoying the process and embodying your creative self !
You get to be supported in the journey to rediscovering your creativity!
From "I don’t know how to" to "I can't beleive I did this"... in just 4 weeks !

Program Enrollment ends 20th of June! And we start on the 21st! Don't miss out !

Here’s What You will Get When You Sign Up

When you sign-up, you will receive an email to onboard you into the program.

All course materials will be online, delivered by email.
We start on June 21st and you get an email every week for four weeks ! Each email will contain a minimum of 2 teaching videos, 2 instructions PDFs and 1 audio meditation

Of course you can also access the program on a platform.

And an access to a Private Facebook Group so that you can get the accountability and support you need.

And in just four weeks I will assist you to transform your life ... 

from "Dammit" to "Picasso, Baby"

Yes it can be that simple

And breathe ! With some mindset change, clear instructions, original prompts and supplies list, you can start creating daily and joyfully ! It doesn’t have to be difficult !

Change the dirty water

Once you agree to change your beliefs about yourself and creativity, all you need is a regular accountability and community to thrive as a creative !

Choose your colors

There’s no need to go through life criticizing your art all the time anymore. Simply trust the process and allow for your own personal formula to get you out of procrastination and perfectionism and into creative movement and momentum.

Find your wings and fly

If are you blocked in your creative process with no idea how to get out of your "funk" , this program is also exactly what your need to spread your creative wings, reclaim the creative process and start flying again !

Maya angelou

You can't use up creativity. The more you use, the more you have.

Everybody agrees about creativity...

Looking for quotes about the perks of  unleashed creativity, I found so many that I almost got overwhelmed (lol) ! I believe it is one of womankind's best tool to find peace, joy and ease and start enjoying flow in your life!

Eric Fromm

German social psychologist


"Creativity requires the courage to let go of certainty."

Albert Einstein

Theoretical physicist


"Creativity is intelligence having fun."

Kurt Vonnegut

American writer


"To practice any art, no matter how well or badly, is a way to make your soul grow. So do it."

What you get

Here's a detailed breakdown of what is included.


4 coaching/ teaching videos with the subject of the week


4 tutorial videos (one for each creative project)


4 PDFs with supplies and further instructions and ideas


Dedicated Facebook Group

Private and dedicated Facebook group, where you can access support and accountability, and have all your Qs answered!


Lifetime Access 

Lifetime access and automatic free Future Upgrades included.


Time to introduce my crazy Bonuses!

In addition to the awesomeness listed above, I went a little overboard and added 4 bonuses to the program !

Bonus 1
1 Sticks of Inspiration video and PDF

A complete project tutorial to create your own Sticks of Inspiration Prompts "Oracle", with a list of 100 prompts to get you started !

Valued at €35
Bonus 2
6 audio recorded meditations/Visualisations

Included in the program are 4 audio meditations to help you connect with your creative spark, the Goddess Demeter, allow change to occur, and anchor the new energies in your life!

Valued at €180
Bonus 3
1 Resources PDF

One PDF with links to external resources about  self-love, implementing suggestions and more (videos, audios, books, etc)

Valued at €35
Bonus 4
End of program celebration online live party

On the last day of the program, we come together to party, rejoice and celebrate our success ... and the many more to come !

Also a perfect time for the last Q&As.

Valued at €50

About IsayaBelle

Isaya Belle Gabriel is a mixed media spiritual artist and a magico-pragmatic mindset coach, goddess teacher and traveling priestess. She has been working with the Divine Feminine and the Greek Goddesses archetypes for over 20 years, in real life and online, and has facilitated women’s circles, red tents, artist workshops and sacred retreats all over the world, to attune her clients with the Divine Feminine so they feel supported, live their best life and raise the vibration of the planet as a whole !

Isaya is from Greece and she discusses daily with the likes of Athena and Aphrodite ! She’s trilingual and loves teaching pretty much anything .. she was a salsa instructor for a while ! She was a bookshop keeper for years so she looooves oracle cards (How many is too many ?)

Here’s what my ladies are saying about me

Having worked with women for so many years, I know that by aligning my energy to theirs and enforcing my values of authenticity and love to kick their butts with my bunny fur slippers will get them the results they desire in their lives !

Amélie S.

Women Circle facilitator

Soooo good ! I loved it !

I love your determination to nurture the positive and break out of limiting beliefs.

Suzanne B.

Happy Client

Lovely Voice

You have a beautiful voice Isaya! I have listened to your FB lives even though I don’t speak French -just because  your voice is lovely and soothing!

Marie O.



I love that IsayaBelle believes that the answers are already within us and that she is accompanying us on a journey, rather than looking down on us from a pedestal.
She has so much wisdom to share and it has been a privilege to step into her world. She really gets what it is like to be on the hamster wheel and there's no judgement, just practical support.
I'm so glad I stumbled across her. Her work really speaks to me.

Incredible tools, support and community

Stop the constant flow of critical comments in your head today. Finally surrender into radical self-belief and start enjoying your unique creative gifts!
Answer the calling and reclaim your creative self, unleash your creative power and anchor the feeling with a daily creative practice.

And watch your life transform !
Let go of the "blank page" angst, stay committed to your creative practice even when you feel overwhelmed and uninspired and make creativity a permanent priority in your life – just like breathing !
At the end of the program, you will be in possession of tools, skills and ideas that will allow you to change your daily life!
Standing tall and confident you will dare to let loose, surrender to the flow, open your creative wings and fly!
If today, you’re stuck in your creativity, you know deep down that something has got to change. And that something is YOU.
Because feeling frustrated and stuck is just not a sustainable lifestyle …
In just four weeks and in a succession of easy flowing projects, implementing fun prompts and techniques, you will allow for change to happen and create a new creative practice, one daily fun artistic project at a time.
Working in a group program will also provide accountability and peer support in a community that is so much part of our success !
The community support give you the possibility of having your questions answered and your needs met on a daily basis.

What you get

Small recap of the various elements included in the program

4 coaching/ teaching videos with the subject of the week (min 1 hour long)

Valued at €240

4 tutorial videos (one for each creative project)

Valued at €240

4 PDFs with supplies and further instructions and ideas

Valued at €240

4 amazing Bonuses

Valued at €300

Dedicated Private Facebook Group (lifetime access)

Valued at ... Invaluable !

Total value of the program 


Here is the investment for 2021 :

UNleash your creativity Program

All the juicy content listed above

€ 444

  • Starts on June 21st 2021
  • Complete 4 weeks program
  • 4 amazing Bonuses
  • Lifetime Access on specific platform amazing 
  • Access to Private Facebook Group

VIP Option

The special attention you need

€ 555

  • Starts on June 21st 2021
  • Complete 4 weeks program
  • 4 amazing Bonuses
  • Lifetime Access on specific platform amazing 
  • Access to Private Facebook Group
  • 2x1 hour 1:1 coaching calls

Course Enrollment ends 20th of June !

Don't miss out !


100% Satisfaction Guarantee

for 14-Days

If you don't like the program and/or you can't see the benefits, I will refund you your money, no questions asked, quibble-free, in a 14- days period after the beginning of the program, ie until July 4th 11:59pm.

This policy doesn't apply to the VIP Option 1:1 Coaching Calls. Any 1:1 coaching calls already carried out will not be refunded.

Don’t wait! Look at what my beautiful ladies have to say about working with me

Here's what some of the awesome ladies I work with have to say ...

Francine G.

Happy Client

Huge quality of the tools and meditations delivered

I loved the sacred space, the atmosphere, the kindness, the short format of the videos. The subject is approached on multiple facets, starting from a deep mindset work.

Elisabeth A.


A feeling of peace linked to relief

I felt so much excitement, the impression that a treasure chest of solutions opened before me as in Aladdin's cave!

Isaure Z.

Head of nursery

What a difference in my quality of life!

This program has provided me with the daily tools to sort through my needs and wants, then know who I am, who I want to be so I know where to go, and to let go of what doesn't work for me.

Unleash your creativity is for you if ...

  • You're done with self-criticizing all day long...
  • You're tired of feeling creatively stuck...
  • You need help re-framing your beliefs about creativity ...
  • You feel overwhelmed and don't know where to start ...
  • You believe being creative is only for people who can draw...
  • You think you're "not creative at all"...
  • You feel lost about how to get out of that place ...
  • You are convinced you need more creativity in your life ...

4 weeks with Isaya and Demeter to fully step into your creative spirit, practice daily and carry through to change your life today !

Unleash your creativity is NOT for you if ...

  • You would rather complain than risk a change.
  • You think watching the videos is going to be enough to change your life.
  • You don't buy into the idea of a magical, manifested life.
  • You are too afraid to fail or succeed to dare to try
  • You like your procrastination, you think it's part of your personality.
  • You don't really believe in radical personal responsibility.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much time do I have to dedicate to the program everyday?

The plan here is to not overwhelm you. You get  2 videos at the beginning of the week, one PDF and an audio meditation. You can work through them at you pace. It's up to you how much time you can/want to dedicate to doing the work ... Anything from 10 minutes to 2 hours a week ! The program stays yours for life!

Is the program only about mindset ?

No. We do spend a lot of time on mindset because I believe that any change starts with mindset and is not only a learning curve, it's mostly allowing your Higher Self to take control of your life! And that means working on our beliefs and mindset. But I am also a pragmatic coach and I will suggest work on practical solutions, tips, ideas, anchoring and implementation ! The goal here is to get you to a fully confident life, in body, mind and spirit !

Do I need to prepare beforehand ?

Absolutely not. Come as you are ! Maybe buy a journal (I'm slightly obsessed about the virtues of journaling !) and a couple of colored pens ... But please, there is no level of confusion or doubt I haven't seen ... You don't have to "clean up" before ... We've got you ! The list of supplies for each project will be be in the week's PDF but you are invited to substitute and use what you have !

What if I REALLY don't know how to draw ?

Then this program is intended for you ! We start with working on your beliefs about what you know, and about what you are good/bad at ... And take it from there!

Is the program for everyone ?

No. If you have no intention of doing any "work", if you'd rather stay the way you are, and/or if you are expecting a magical overnight transformation ... Then this program is not for you. This is a program intended to help and accompany women who take full responsibility for their own well-being and transformation.

Are there going to be replays ?

Yes, yes and yes ! Everything is recorded and you can take your time to go though the program !

Is there a lifetime access ?

Yes. Life time access. And if/when I add or change things to the program... you get access to that too ! If, for some reason, I was to discontinue this program, I would inform you so that you can download the materiel in due time.

Is there room for individual answers ?

Absolutely ! This is a self-lead program but we have a Facebook group for you to ask you questions ! You're not doing this alone !

UNleash your creativity Program

All the juicy content listed above

€ 444

  • Starts on June 21st 2021
  • Complete 4 weeks program
  • 4 amazing Bonuses
  • Lifetime Access on specific platform amazing 
  • Access to Private Facebook Group

VIP Option

The special attention you need

€ 555

  • Starts on June 21st 2021
  • Complete 4 weeks program
  • 4 amazing Bonuses
  • Lifetime Access on specific platform amazing 
  • Access to Private Facebook Group
  • 2x1 hour 1:1 coaching calls

Let's start creating !

We start on June 21st ... Still on the fence ?

If you've really had enough of the self-judgments about your creative self, about listening to any exterior critic as reinforcement for the ones you repeat in your mind...

Join me and fellow amazing women on this journey, get the 4 weeks complete program, the bonuses and the access to the Facebook group, to get your body, mind heart and soul converted to full time self-expression and creative fun ! Even if you don’t know how to draw, even if you have no supplies ...

It's your time, your year, your moment to finally unleash your creativity and fly !