Are you looking for more Artemis in your life ?

Grab the Artemis Kit

and add more Artemis in all aspects of your life !

a program by IsayaBelle

What's in the kit ?


Phone and desktop wallpapers

One original artwork representing a modern Artemis, by Greek painter Marianne Gabriel, declined in two different formats, a vertical one for your phone, and a horizontal one for you desktop. Be accompanied by Artemis daily !


Music to connect with Artemis

A specially curated playlist on Spotify, containing music for the wild moments, to roam, dance and stomp across the woods in total freedom !


Goddess Invocation Meditation

A fifteen minutes audio Invocation Meditation, to call in the vibration of the Goddess in your life, and enjoy the energy of the wild in your daily life ! 



A PDF full of information about the Goddess Artemis, ideas on how to add  more Artemis in your life, and more !


A quiet PLaylist

A specially curated playlist on Spotify, containing nature sounds and music for the quiet Artemis.


Artemis Temple Video

A specially created video to invite you to experience the vibration of the Goddess, with images, music and words that invoke her presence and energy.

Get your Artemis Kit here!

Investment is 35€