It's time to experience...

Sacred Retreat in French Fields

March 20th-March 24th 2024


You missed out!

Come and spend some Sacred time in French fields with me!

Wander in ancient places of worship, celebrate with good food and ritual, gather with sisters in ceremony, meditate and rejuvenate in nature. 

Also enjoy some rest and quiet time and get to hang out with Isaya!

Your retreat guides

Isaya Gabriel

Marianne Larqué

Nathalie Foyet

What you can expect

Relaxation, Healing & Inner Peace

During our time together, you get to relax in your room or outside in the vast fields around the house, meditate together, enjoy the quiet French countryside, and participate in various energy healings and magic ceremonies and or workshops around creativity, healing and .expressing your Highest self!

French Food and Gastronomy

Most of our meals will be taken in our retreat facility, made from scratch by my friend Marianne, an amazing witch cook and lovely person. She will cook "in front of our very eyes" and might even give us a cooking lesson if we feel like it. We will still go out for a couple of meals to enjoy the French Bistrots and bakeries!

Sacred Sisterhood and community

It's the sharing of time and doing things together that will be the basis of this amazing experience. We create a sacred circle of women that will become friends for life. We share "bread, stories and wine" and become sisters in the process. That is what Women Circle stand for, as well as raising the vibration of the planet as a whole!

Two Amazing Retreat Facilitators

Isaya, Traveling Priestess and Magico-Pragmatic Inspiration Mentor will do most of the facilitating for this retreat but she will be joined by her awesome friend Nathalie, a Qi Gong, Numerology, Chinese Medicine and Meditation Teacher. Together they will create a once in a lifetime experience for YOU!

Adventures and Discoveries

We will go on adventures most days, visiting Sacred Sites, maybe hiking (beginner style!), travel to the "county" Capital and maybe stop by a museum or amazing medieval Abbey or Church.

Time for yourself to Integrate and rest

There will be moments of solitude to journal, walk outside, relax on the sunny garden, meditate, drink tea or simply sleep. In these moments you can also choose to chat with others and/or with the Isaya, Nathalie or Marianne.

What sets this Retreat apart ?

Our retreat accommodation is a whole secluded 18th century farm, called Kalanera, in the midst of rural beautiful South West of France, 2 hours west from Toulouse airport. It's actually Isaya's house (it used to be a B&B!)

On top of a hill it offers breathtaking views on the Pyrenees.

We have a huge "playroom" Hall with an actual Red Tent in it and more space to eat, discuss, create our circles and more!

More about Kalanera

Kalanera provides simple yet comfortable accommodations, with an original decoration. There are 4 rooms, each with 2 single beds and a bathroom with toilet. So the retreat will be for a group of maximum 8 women. Of course, bedding and towels will be provided. 

Everyone is welcome to use the Hall and Red Tent to relax or socialise, as well as a large covered balcony. There are also various gardens chairs/tables in a big shaded area around the house.

Join me for a Divine retreat!


Isaya Gabriel

about Isaya

Isaya is a Mixed Media Artist, as well as a Magico-Pragmatic Mindset and Business Coach, Goddess Teacher and Travelling Priestess. She holds space for women who feel "too much" or "not enough" so they can dare to rise, take up their rightful place, shine their light, talk their truth and transform their lives! Her main purpose is to Live a Goddess Life while inspiring others to do so as well! She has been working with the Divine Feminine for over 20 years, irl and online, and has facilitated Women’s Circles, Red Tents, Artist Workshops and Sacred Retreats all over the world.

It's your time. Claim it!

During our retreat we will walk the land and hear it speak as it did to the wise ones who came before us. Discover my wonderful area, its beauties, secret sites and views.

You can count on ... oracle spreads, guided meditation, rituals and ceremony, as well as sacred walk, gentle movement and deep, transformational and inspirational breath and energy work.

In a safe space we will take time to discuss and to honor what you need, whether it is rest, sleep, breathe, read, journal, learn, grow, laugh, or celebration!


Health, Safety and Cancellations


To attend this retreat and be able to join the adventures and outings, you need to be in a correct physical shape. There is going to be some walking (nothing too sporty or difficult though), and some of the Sacred Sites are on hilltops (most are not wheelchair accessible).

If you have any doubts about that, please contact me.


By joining this retreat, you agree to conform to any rules and regulations emanating from the French government and to wear a mask wherever and whenever appropriate.

It is your own responsibility to lead yourself and take care of your own safety, in any way you might see fit.

You will be sharing a bedroom with another woman and rooms will be assigned at random.

If you wish to not do so, there will be a an increase in price, please contact me.


If the retreat is canceled for any reason, you will get 100% refund.

If you cancel for any reason before March 15th, you will get 100% refund (whether you can't come or you decide not to).

Final date for cancellations on either side is March 15th. After that, I cannot refund anyone for any reason.

You can expect ...

  • To feel right at home
  • A profound feeling of rest and healing
  • Inspiring insights
  • Time to chill, rest, journal, be alone
  • Alternation of outside visits and at home energy and ritual work
  • Getting to know more about French culture and gastronomy
  • Walks on hill tops (all group excursions are optional)
  • Healthy, home-made, locally sourced food at home or in local restaurants
  • Connection with other amazing women and the joy to unite in circle
  • Discovery of a remote and beautiful area of French countryside (and some architectural gems)

You will leave feeling...

  • Nourished – physically, emotionally and spiritually
  • Relaxed, replenished and restored, with a gentle energy boost
  • Re-connected with your sacred self and your sisters
  • Enriched with knowledge, tools and means to keep walking towards your Higher Self
  • Equipped with result-focused ideas and tips

Some good words...

Josephine K.

What I find most impressive about her is her total honesty in the work she does.Indeed she is fully dedicated to taking good care of the people around her, and every time a session comes to an end, I have a nice feeling of comfort and profound emotional well-being.

Nath F.

During this evening, I did experience well-being as well as serenity, and, as I do every time I work with Isaya, I discovered things about myself. This workshop gave me more strength to be fully myself. I love those moments spent with women in all simplicity. They are moments of communion and joy and I leave feeling refreshed and pumped with energy.

Mirza B.

Thanks to Isaya, I pay a subtler attention to the magic aspect of my everyday life. What I loved is the sincerity of your transmission, of your implication. Your greatest quality is your profound desire to contribute, to assist, enlighten, guide others towards a more spiritual life.

Sacred Retreat in French Fields

March 20th-MARCH 24th 2024


You missed out!

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