Four Elements Oracle

(available in 2024)

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The Goddess Four Elements Oracle will be a  beautifully illustrated 64 cards deck to reconnect with the divine magic in Land, Earth and Sky.

64 square 10cmx10cm cards

Amazingly illustrated by Designer Artist extraordinaire Claire Koentopp

Beautiful and sturdy box

To carry your deck around and protect it.

8 pages square booklet

Comprehensive booklet explaining all th ecards, containing rituals, invocations and channeled insights.

Four elements board

For spreads that are even more magical!

With this deck, I want to offer simple ideas to reconnect with the magic in the Land, the Earth, the Sky, with an enchanted vision of our lives that we might have forgotten when science and rationalization overtook the magical experience of our presence and interaction with the Universe.

Isaya Gabriel

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Air, Fire Water and Earth provide a simple and beautiful metaphorical explanation of the Universe.

It belongs to everyone.

It is mine. And it is yours.